To the Letter To the Letter Volume Y I'm Not Afraid of The Dark

You Know…

For Paco

Across the Fiery Wheel
of Heaven
stand You
and I
in Opposition,
Perpendicular under…

Stars in my pocket
Stars in my hands
Stars in my eyes

When Love is never good enough

Take me by the hand down
Hands down
Pants down
Upside down
To your War-torn Kingdoms
To your Dark and Sunless Gardens
To Your Solar-System of Faithless Faith

Where Love is never good enough

And are We not more my Twin,,
In My Eyes
Are We not melting?
For just one moment, couldn’t you
let Sunlight fall
where it may?
“You Know….”
page 2
Could We not fuse
in rich chocolate flesh
for a bite?

Could We not
as One,
two sides
of the same coin
(Only Different Currencies as the cost
of Pain does vary with the Individual, You Know……)

What Light pierces your Soul?

Where am I Effective?

Surely I serve more than pure amusement.

Can’t and Won’t are Lovers of a Different Laser.

Engaged in your Rapture of
Colour and Sound,
a Calliope of Cynicism and Anger
I feel
your bones burst
from their marrow
and blossom into Fiery Flowers

I take you into my Nostrils
I take you into my Health
I take you into my Heart

When Love and Life are never good enough

and Let Me
Kiss You…………/

9, May 1990
I’m Not Afraid of the Dark #31

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