Dark Burning Rain and Other Poems I'm Not Afraid of The Dark


You are living in the Same World I do,
Speaking the Same Language,
Watching the Same Television and Reading the Same Books, Papers and Magazines,
Going to the Same Movies
and Riding The Same Planes. Trains and Automobiles as I,
And You have Told Me
In Many Different Ways
Good, Bad, Ambivalent
Indirect and Insanely that You Love Me
and Still Somehow You have Decided in Spite of Glaring Evidence to the Contrary
You Are Different.
I have Repeated in Many Different Ways
None ever Harmful to You, Good, Bad and Insanely
that if You Love Me it is Because I am Like You
So You Must Not Really Be
Different…And We MUST be Creatures of the Same Light.
But You Have Insisted Stubbornly
By Consistently Avoiding the Real Issues
By Seeking To Lord Over, Dominate and Control rather than Relate and Coexist in Peace
with Useless and Destructive Tantruming and Petty Complaints
And by Taking From and Using Me And Giving Nothing
of Equal Value from Yourself In Return

That We Indeed
are Different…..that You Are Not a Creature of The Light
And You Have Decided to Demonstrate This Ultimately to Me
through Painful
with the Final Message
that I am

W o r t h l e s s.

22, December 1998
I’m Not Afraid of The Dark #84
More Poetry from the Dark Side Series #4

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