Dark Burning Rain and Other Poems I'm Not Afraid of The Dark


F R O M  T H E
D A R K   S I D E
S E R I E S   # 3

From the Vast Farting Buttcheeks
Of the Greed Demon God
Comes His Final Expression of Feeling
To Shining Souls of the Pure/Unleashed and Released in Foul Waves,
Hot Rank Spurts of Liquefied Feces
Splashes the Dry Cracked Filthy Earth
In Cities Too Cold and Sterile to be Functional, Healthy or Sane
By Design and Frame/And Never
to Recognize Its True Beauty is a Seed/Not a Fruit……………which can
too Easily Putrefy/…
And then a Vast Tidal Wave
Of Dark Seething Wastes
Envelop what has Long Ago Withered, Rotted Away
And Gone Foul and Bad…

Years Ago I Came Alive/…
Years Ago Alive
I Arrived Here, to Deep Shit Central/Fearlessly/Thermonuclear
and Seething/Speaking Brilliance into Being/An Articulate
Tenor/How Delicious My Vibrato can Range/to Alto and
Soprano/Where I can Begin/Gloriously/
Singing My Song
To the Mentally Thirsty/
My Muse feeds
the Hungry/Heals the Sick
and Raises the Dead/With Inspiration/With Inspiration
there is Always New Life

And Here I Stand/Allow Me, Ladies and Gentlemen, to Inspire You/
Blazing and Ballistic, my speech     Rings of Fire/
A Warhead of Creation, not Destruction
Is what I Send Out to Forever
Flying Down
on Wings which are Dark

with Sorrow and Pity/
Not Evil/
for I have shed Tears
of Agony/
Being Loved and Hated/
Loved and Hated by
Angels and Demons who Dance
Electric and Bright in Mind
Screaming in My Brain/
Swapping Faces Often/
Switching Roles
And Trading Places/All Masking The True Disciples of Despair

They are all Terrible Actors and Pathetic Liars/Again
Trading Places/Thinking Damnation is Orgasmic/
with Love and Fear/
Love, Fear and Anger
cannot All
Me, yet I am left dripping
with their Shit-Stains
of Doubt and Guilt/
Crumpled up like Filthy
Soiled Underpants/Ripped and Worn
and Thrown Away/Wasted
in the Guilty Hidden Secret………………………

……That You Have Loved Me/Been Nurtured Beautifully
By Me/Used Me/and Finding
Me for Wanting
though it was You
who could Never Get Enough/It was You
who Really Found Yourself
And Not Me
Empty Inside
When You Repeated Inanely
Time After Time
My Stolen Glory
And You Ripped Off My Inspiration/so quietly
Hoping I would Die/You Esteemed Me

Only Worthy of Abandonment/…
(for Your Carrion Soul hath Feasted, Filthily)
And Leaving Me
with a Shared Sense
of your Condemning Mind and Desperate Views/
Your beliefs in Hell/Attack/Madness and Desolation/
In Isolations Chill
Light Years Apart from You/
I struggle for Warmth, Love and Light Now
in the Rank Apocalyptic Stench
of a Truly Shitty Past
which has Wrecked Me
and Has Left Me
Weakened, Warped


15, August 1998
Queens, NYC ———————————-

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