I'm Not Afraid of The Dark

Unique Center of Balance

If I were not a Madman
I would be considered
from the Point of View of “normal”
in These Earthly Badlands
(where am i/what am i/who am i/)

I am not normal… I am happy with Myself

I was taught to Fear
Living Sinfully
I was not paying attention
I learned what made me happy Early
and Loved it regardless
I remember being scolded for Fantasizing
I remember finding Monsters Mesmerizing
I remember Identifying
I remember Who Survived
I remembered Early to Fear No Evil

I am not Normal… Very little truly Frightens Me…

I didn’t tell Denzel Washington I write Poetry
I was Too Weird for Laurie Anderson to Even Speak
I didn’t give NBC permission to air my picture on TV
I didn’t ask for Publicity about anything
I’m still not sure it’s really what I want
I am not actually an Extrovert, I told him
I didn’t know Eccentricity was
thus a

21, February 1996

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