I'm Not Afraid of The Dark

Twenty-Twenty Blindsight 2

(a poem for the Heat-Seeker)

To seek in Heat the leaking light
Behind the Eyes which seek a fight
To search Behind the Mind
to find in darkness that which of
the Eye seeks not is
You find it.
There it is. It is now and it is here.
There is a jolt, a brief transmission
a flashing Vision bringing brief heat
with it, a Kingdom of Holy Sight and Sound
Yet Darkness
and Silence
Both equally perceived
Strobing multi-spectrum light waves
Pumping sonic waves throughout
and there, too
Nothing equally perceived
We have been contacted. We have received it.
We have received
such Powerful Transmissions.
They have been beamed into our brains.
We are blinking on and off
yes and no/light and dark
dual decision and nothing decided.
Forgiveness could be Radar
into Evil Dreams/can make/or break Communication/
To search Behind the Mind is brave/
To brave the horror of nothing without,
One must feel Complete within./

9 March 1996
I’m Not Afraid of the Dark #13

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