I'm Not Afraid of The Dark

There is a God

For Oprah Winfrey and Steven Speilberg

Alive in a Language
I never Thought Possible
I decided
I would Kiss
without Reservation
the Lips of My first True Love,
The Sky;
for it was The Sky
that first drew My Attention and My Appreciation,
The Sky.
The Sky is Not some Fast, Mindless, Temporal Engagement,
the Sky is Endless,
its Joys Not too quickly passed
and Gone
to be genuinely Appreciated.
No. The Sky is the Best
Love I could have,
for The Sky gives me Everything it’s got
and Does Not
Snatch away its Love of Me
Mother does not Approve.
I have
the Undying, Unending Love
of the Sky. … And I am Eternally Grateful……
for to My Eyes
The Sky is not Merely
the limit……
……it is God’s Gift to Me.

I Kiss You.
I Hold You.
I Love You in
a Life which Never Ceases
to Delight
and Cause Me Wonder,
Alive Now and
Forever Free, there
is a

18, July 1997
I’m Not Afraid of the Dark #23

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