Dark Burning Rain and Other Poems Nasty Little Creatures

The Word, The Flesh, And The Devil

When you call up The Devil
to curse
you cannot expect what you want…./…
The Devil does
not know how to behave,/..
The Devil will not be polite
and will certainly
turn you and
your world upside down….
—–for that is but The Devil’s Purpose/..
………………………………….to deceive you,
and for you to
misuse and misperceive yourself and your world
through wrong and negative perception and thought./…

The Devil only Devil’s You in The Hell
and The Mess You’ve made
of Your Self and Life– But

I would only Bring You Word of Something Different…/…

You who would desire anything
must realize
the curse you place on Everything in Reality
by separating yourself from it Through Your Inclusion and Excursions into Fantasy/..
If you were not separate from Reality how could you want for anything?/. Fantasy Never satisfies
or is Peaceful
because Fantasies Never Last!/…and You have only ever really wanted
A Lasting Love and Happiness,
for Only That
Satisfies You/..Only That/..
In Reality, You have no needs
because You have and are

You don’t understand Your Own Reality
and have no interest in doing so
because you prefer to sleep
and dream
your life away.

For You, that is what life is for
Sleeping, and Dreaming
and Nothing More./.. You Praise how good sleep is
for you and The Body,
but You are Really Praising the Dictates and Demands of the Ego,
which blocks out, obstructs and defends against True Light,
and Really Demanding of You
Fidelity to

You love this sleeping and unaware state
where you get to be lifeless, death-like and inactive,
and where you can escape the mess
and madness
and mistakes you’ve made while awake..

(in your Sick Dream of A Life)/…

Dreams. they take up all of your mind. Dreams.
Dreams which are beautiful and Sweet. Dreams. Which can be enchanting,
rich and sleek.
Dreams. Which can suck you under deep
with them, and so thoroughly confuse you
about who and what you are—you would almost welcome the oblivion of hell, instead, which is nothing but a repeat, a repeat. a repeat,

A Repeat…/…

Dreams are the Illusions of the Devil you know..
(But I would Bring You Word
of Something Different..)
Dreams are The Illusions of the Devil You Know…

you know, if you weren’t so
easily taken to Fantasy–you would see, you would open up your eyes
your real eyes, (Your Real Mind)
( (Your Third Eye) )
and See what You were meant to See,
not Dreams,
But Life, In an Eternity of Light
and you would see Your Real and One Self
United With Your Creator
In Loving Creation/…
Eternity’s Radiant Reality
ego-less and free, You’d be

for the tenacity and spite
and nastiness
and never-ending rule and reign
of Dreams.

They have made you a slave
They have made you a slave
in a self-made hell
of needless Self-condemnation and Needless Self Sacrifice
which is only
fit for termination, destruction, elimination, and total abandonment,

but these are still ideas
you can only find meaningful


How can you escape
them while you never cease
them up?

Everyday, you Feverishly Dream–
You fantasize so frequently
you have forgotten what
Reality is like

without having needs/..

Thinking is hard for you,
you dreaming
materialistic, selfish,
self-centered Pig…/..

—-yes very hard
to think, when its easier to dream
about what you want,
and that is your Big
Piggy Dream,
to have everything material that you want,
even if you couldn’t possibly use and consume it all
in one lifetime, so what, the more you have, the less others have, the better../…

and yet You also have a mind
A Higher Mind./..
which you needlessly neglect
and Choose,
yes, Prefer to keep
asleep and dreaming
while you fuck the pain away
fuck the pain away
from you, Baby, so you can Feel Better/..
so You can Feel Much Better
about your failing
Ego Image of yourself,
which you just can’t
keep still in your mind, and therefore
can’t really focus clearly upon
while you believe you’re still in Time,
Your Limited and Limiting Faith
in that Old Rugged Cross, (praise Jesus)
and so you age, slowly, you age, in your religion of ignorance
(praise Jesus!) you get old,
you wither and you age and you die,
over and over and over
and over and over and over/..

In The Dark and Broken
Mirrors of Your Mind/…

It must be really
that you are a prisoner of your own
Badly Devised
Sick Fantasy Life/..

A waking, repetitive, Serial Nightmare,
which you are Proudly and Vainly
ignorant in how
to disengage yourself from entirely

But I can Show you, I can tell you how
by Bringing You Word
of Something Different…./…

… You must Re-picture Yourself Entirely

You Must Re-Envision Yourself Totally/..

You must say
(to yourself)
I am not a body
I am not a body
I am
A Higher Mind…
and I
am Free…

The Flesh is the Medium
Not the Motivation,
through which you would fuck, hate, attack, and die,
over and over and over/..

and yet is this physical motivation and limitation nothing…
this flesh is nothing Real
This flesh is nothing but
a Dream,
a Dream which cannot be denied while you hide inside it
and while
you value it and the paths it takes you
down around and around and around, and yet,
The Flesh is nothing even though you desire it,

The Flesh is nothing
and yet you revere it

and Yet, even that
is nothing but
a Dream

you wont remember when you awaken

and turn away from
All Dreams,

turn away from Dreaming at long last

And Look into The Light./and use

your Body and Mind for
Waking to Peace/–and use your Body and Mind
for waking others
from the dream you’ve made
and seem to prefer to Your Reality/..



How could you know of anything
before your Reality
while you endlessly
confuse it with Your Sick Fantasy Life?

How could You?

You need a new Reminder of Endless Light,
Not that your old Reminder is gone../..
More like You’re Worn Out
and Tired
From Always Dreaming and Always Sleeping/And Always Dreaming and Always Sleeping/in
The Ceaseless Darkness you’ve been living in
In Your Mind
Called Time./..

When You get tired of That Timely Hell, It’s Many Boredoms, Its Repeats, Its unending dullness and mindless insanity–remember Your
Reality in Light
and Be Inspired…../…

Be in The Spirit is
to Be Free
at All Times,

and for All Minds./..

How will you know
when you are

You will know
because you
will be moved by it.

As the Spirit moves through you, you do
and you are
what it asks of you
in light, in energy, in clarity, in purpose

The Spirit’s Communication should be worth all your Attention and Focus

If you would just notice its voice
which speaks
clearly and calmly
and quietly inside you

An Echo and Reminder of Your Divine Nature

Your Were Promised Joy By Your Creator
and Given Word of an Idea

of Perfect Life
in Your Creation,

Endless Life.

You cannot picture This Life now
because Dreams seem to
Scream Louder

your Divided and Distracted Mind/…

But once
you Weary of Screaming Dreams of Life/..

Once you Long for Peace and Quiet/..

Once You weary
of Your Endless Sick Fantasy Lives
which always
Expire in Death/

going Round and Round The Sun and Earth
and Round and Round The Moon and Stars
This Sick Wonder Wheel of Crazy Life

In the Dark Amusement Park
of Sickness and Madness and Secrets
Hidden in Your Frightened Mind

You will crave
and reach and find

and extend

the Reality of Yourself
which was

Always There

of You,

beyond your wildest Dreams…/….

24, May 2008
Amsterdam, Holland

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