To the Letter To the Letter Volume X Nasty Little Creatures

The Process of Illumination

The Subject never recognises itself/ The Subject is lost/ The Subject believes
Nothing beyond the boundaries of perception/The Subject believes it is an
Illusion/The Subject is Real,/but The Subject does not know or understand
this/Be Patient with The Subject/.The Subject does not understand its own
Reality/The Subject is asleep Spiritually/However, The Subject has given its
belief away in advance to Faith/The Subject is Illuminated, but does not know
this/.The Subject sometimes complains of boredom/or of having more energy
Than the Subject Knows what to do with/The Subject acts bizarrely,/ The
Subject sleeps very little,/The Subject is traumatized and Disturbed/ The
Subject has strange and intense Dreams/,The Subject has unspeakable
fears/The Subject is Intelligent, and capable of Following a Routine,/The
Subject does not like or trust The Usual Human Routine,/The Subject Thinks,
and understands differently/The Subject Feels Deeply, is highly attuned, and
is very sensitive/The Subject Does not really suspect It is Being Watched/The
Subject felt motivated and energised, and did not wish to waste further time
and energy/The Subject moved on/…

The Subject did not recognize the signs of its own transformation right
away/This was gradual/Eventually,
The Subject began to notice that
Everything Began take on a radiant, unearthly
shine/Everywhere/Everyone/Everything/Every Living Thing/Every Flower./
Every Rock/ Every Tree/Every City/ Every Star/This was most disturbing to
The Subject, as no one else seemed to notice this shine, this light/The Subject
Did not realise that its own mechanism for perception had been
transformed/The Subject had a very difficult time adjusting to this
transformation/In the beginning, this was more traumatic and painful than
beneficial and helpful for The Subject/The Subject was A Rarity/A Freak/ A
Mutation/This anomaly did not Process Itself Easily through The Usual
Temporal Sequence accordingly/..

Eventually The Subject stopped asking others about The Light it saw in
Everything /Which No One Else Could See/ and
That was when I came quietly
to the Subject’s Mind/ Eventually
The Subject was Inspired To Channel Me/To share with You/I am An Idea
that is Inspiring/Because I am an Idea that is Beyond Your Perception/Cross
the limits and boundaries of perception, with me as your Guide/ Leave All
Perception Behind You as my Final Lessons when you are willing to Learn only
of Me/Transmute to Pure Spirit/Dance and Sing Formless and Free/This
Eternity is Your Reality/In This Light, Your Reality is no mystery/Dance On
the edge of the Knowledge
of Discovering Who
You Really Are/..

9, July 2007/Amsterdam, Holland

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