I'm Not Afraid of The Dark

The Darkness

________________________________________________for JC,Trent Reznor___ and Clive Barker

Empty and Black as Space
the Night Outside_______________________________________________/As I,
The Dark Prince of Desire, ____Reign/..
As I, the Dark Prince think
Cold/The Darkness/Secrets/Hide./..
I Have Many/The Darkness/Hides
I See Many/The Darkness/Hides
I Have Many/The Darkness/Hides
I See Many/The Darkness/Hides…./

“Vision is Not______________ for Darkness….Vision_________ is For Light.”
(Vision is not for darkness, vision is for light?)

The Darkness Delights Us
as Nothing does
with such Violent
Senseless Frights………but The Witnesses to Fear
have nothing
held in sight/..

And We Find
The Darkness Sexy
for Us
To Hide Out with
Our Sicknesses/Our Secrets/

They’re safe there/We Promised/Don’t Tell!

I relate not_________________________________in Darkness
and I’m________ not Feeling Well/..

My Anger has kept Me Enslaved to
The Darkness/in which I’m
now Seeking/My Healthy Escape
Lovelong Love long
Lifelong Love//
Long long
Long long
Long Long Denied in
The Darkness/We Sleep in/Remembering
Time After Time
Time After Time
Time After Time After Time After Time/…
Remembering “N o t h i n g,”
Time After Time
Time After Time After Time After Time//…
We Have Learned______________________________________ “N o t h i n g.”
Time After Time
Time After Time After Time After Time//..
We Remain_____________________________________________________”B i t t e r.”
Time After Time
Time After Time After Time After Time//..
Resigned to_________________________________________________________”N o t h i n g.”
Time After Time
Time After Time After Time After Time//…
We Shall Love_________________________________________________________”N o t h i n g”
Time After Time
Time After Time After Time After Time//..

Our Thoughts Now on N o t h i n g
Time After Time/My Memory now Silent.

it knows.


are listening.

From The Darkness/where
The Dark Prince strips Naked
Revealing His Mind
to a Light/The Darkness knows F e a r f u l l y/…
The Darkness knows It well…./It Hates It and
Shuts it Out With______I n s a n i t y____________Keeping
Reason Clearly at Bay/Where the Sick, Twisted Children of Darkness
come HUNGRY to
with Me Not Knowing how to refuse Them or Say
That I Love Them, Who call Themselves

My Lovers./
My Heartaches, and Karmic Reminders


which have Spat Out Their Light/
in Darkness
which Hovers
and Blankets The Sky//….

The Darkness is Falling/The Darkness is Failing

as well/.

This Darkness is Grief til The End of All Time…../

This Darkness/This Darkness
Lamenting Our Weaknesses/
Sicknesses/Secrets/Denying Our Light/

We Give to The Darkness The Light of Our Loss and Grief,
Loving Them
Time After Time
Time After Time

We Feed It
Insatiably with Such Sick Powers/Power
to Bind/Power to
Blind/Blind Us to Reason/
Time After Time

We’re Searching in Sickness
We’re Searching in Sickness/
We Search for in Sickness
The Secrets of Life
to Steal
and Report Them All Dutifully
Back to Our Dark Gods of Fear

_________________________________(who End Inevitably, Near and Dear
——————————————————————-to Our Hearts, All Our Hopes)

to Surrender What We Believe Our Very Being
Up to Nothing
in Sickening Reverence of Life Sacrificed/

(Everything We Are Blind to Invest with Guilt in)

We Think It Out Nature to Die for Nothing
In Spite of Our Endless Power
to Love/We Think It Our
God-Given Right to, with Murderous Intent, Express Death as Justice for Others and
Ourselves in Total Acceptance of The Unholy Temple of Flesh
as What We Love More
Than Life,
or Light/Giving Ourselves Up in Solemn Celebration
to Appreciation within The Termination of The Grave___________________________(Fear’s Only
___________________________________Real Gift, Fear’s Only Real Priority and Function to
We Believe We are Invisible In Darkness
because We are Blind to The Indestructible Light of Love Within Us
Believing if We Acknowledge It/Rather than Deny it/
God will Strike Us Blind with the Hatred We’ve Made in Our Delusions of Superiority,
Intelligence and Distinctions Made in The Black Waves of Ignorance
We Jealously Guard Against All Illumination and Hope/
Totally Unsupervised By Universal Intelligence, _________in Seeming Ceaseless Chaos
We’re Prisoners of The Dark World of Time
Jailed by Forms We Hate, but fake love to and for/
Proud and Vain and Obsessively Self-Congratulating Our Nothingness,
We Believe We came from Nothing—-and within the Niggardly Narrow Band of Time
Between Life and Death, all We have is What We can Possess
with the Five Thieves of Our Senses, as Eventually We will
Return to Rest in Peace there totally unconscious and aware of in Darkness
Only The Sick Dreams of Nothing which We’ll Never be at Home with/
We pretend We are Happy with The Perishable, when all It does is Drive Us Insane
with Desires We can Never Satisfy/
We Believe it is Brave to Go Down Into The Earth
so long as We have Lived
A Sanitized Life/where Our Twisted Judgment Disguised
as Religion
or Politics
or Science
or Money has been Reasonably allowed Its Destructive Urge
for Murder So Intent to Destroy
It Cares Not Who Suffers___________ as long as SOMEONE is Victimized and Sacrificed Needlessly
A Ghoulish Theater of Pain We’re Taught to Deify
____ANYONE’s Pain is Acceptable to The Dark Gods of Fear……….so long
as ONLY THEY are Believed in Without Question as The Only Reality with
Any Possibility
Seductive Enough to Consume, Use and Destroy Afterward…../
Ungrateful and Hungry for More Hatred
with which to make Our Living
When The Former Things have Passed to Dust
We Believe Darkness is the Way of Life

with no Hope

of Any Lasting Joy/….

We Believe We Must All Die
in Darkness/ and Refuse to Believe Otherwise/
Stubbornly Insisting on doing things the hard way/
Even Though Sacrifice Hurts Us, We
Believe We do so In the Name of Love,
but at Heart, actually, Fear in Disguise
Makes All of Our Decisions
for in Them, and what we decide for/Aware or Not/
Rests and Exists ALL
Our Power/. We Hope but for Scraps, Begging Fear to Shine, with Scarcity,
ItsĀ“ Cheap Spotlight of Immortality
on Us/Known More Commonly as Fame and Fortune
which We all Desire at The Expense
of Sharing None of it With Anyone or Anything of Substance……../
For in This World, Our Equals are
Fearfully Perceived as Our Competitors
Rather than Our Saviors,/ and so We Hate and Envy
the Very Ones Who could Heal Us by Their Authentic Appreciation of Us/Which
We would Deny/…

We Squander Our Love on Sick, Insecure Vampires who
would Play Out Twisted, Demented and Warped
Versions of Relationships called “Marital Monogamy” of Every Variety No One Would
Grieve to Lose
If They Could See Them See Them For What The Are…………………………….
………………………….Opportunities for The Darkness, at It’s Finest Deceit,
to Offer Us Immortality In Hell!/..
Teaching Us Forever to Walk and Go The Way of Bones to The Dust/We
Smile and We’re Pleased
Skeletons as Saviors
We Believe in/We Believe
We All Must Die/…

We, The Sick Minds of Bodies
Who Believe in Darkness,
Are Calling Across The Worlds
to The Sidereal Gate
Between Time and E t e r n i t y
to Our Most Holy Mirror-Selves,
where We, of The Awakening Holy Spirit Call One and All Home to Deathless Peace
and Eternal Quiet/At Home, In The Light/Bathing All
in the Unspeakable, Radiant Joy
of Immortal Living Spirit
We call to You/to Light Up Your Eyes
with Such Beauty, You will Never Again Doubt Your Reality
in the Dark Glass of Fear, Glittering All About You, Repellent,
In a Sick Dream of Your Own Devising/In Which
You Fantasize Ceaselessly
of Self-Destruction
in Endless Form…../

We Call to You/From Eternal Radiance/We Call to
You, Who are in Darkness/to
Raise up Your Eyes from The Dust to The Heavens Alight/
The Darkness is
not Really Seeing/..

We would See Salvation, and Not Sacrifice
We Would Deny Darkness
and Live in The Light
We Ask You to Join Us…
We Ask You to Lay Aside All Differences and Defenses
which are Truly Useless and Destructive to Your Health
which is Equal to Your State of Mind
Troubled or At Peace,
We ask You to Love
We Ask You Be Patient
The Darkness is Falling
The Darkness is failing
and soon
shall You
have Sight
We ask You Reflecting on all You Believe Now
to Give Up Your Anger…..
……Exchange it Now,
for Love/
Your Love is The Light now The Darkness
has fled from/

The Darkness is

Your Love
is Your

30, July 1997
Washington Heights, NYC

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