I'm Not Afraid of The Dark

The Dark Side of The Force

Not even in Death
will You find True Peace from Me/
Dark Jedi and Force User
of Lost Galactic Worlds gone by/
for You do not Know The Destructive Power of Excess
though You are clearly Driven by it/
But You can be subtly trained through Guilt
to learn how
You are already My Slave/If Fear offers You anything Sleek
Seductive and Attractive
You think You can use
Be My Guest,
and sit Irresolute beside Me
with The Dark Side of The Force as your Only Tutor and Ally/
Join Me, You Arrogant, Know-Nothing Dark Jedi Slave/
and We shall Spread a Spectacular Message of Fear
and Hatred, and Terror
throughout The Galaxy——-
But First You Must Be Shown Who’s Boss/and You must suffer neccessarily
to Your Eternal Shame and Humilation
The Cruel and Unusual Punishments of
My Violent Critical Rebukes and Seething Condemnations/for
Your Petty, Insignificant
Secret Fears
must be swiftly re-educated
By Me
Acutely Trained through Terror/
and I shall have to Half-Scoldingly Beat You back
from Your own Juvenile Savagery
With My Ingenious Display of Brute Force and Soul-Eating Aggression
if only to demonstrate Vividly, Dearest Dark Jedi
how to Use and Inflict
Mindless Brutality with Respect
and Flare/

for We will not waste a drop of Sweetness
on The Likes of Our Growing Enemies/

Who are Sane and Kind to Their Opponents and are, as such,
Oddly Strangers
from Ourselves/
And We Shall Amass Our Legions of Darkness and Destruction
With Much Coveted Options and Complete Security
to Attack in Perfect Safety
Those We Judge Subversive and Vastly Different from Ourselves/
with a Justifiable Hostility and Hatred towards Them
should they have the Audacity to Disagree, Oppose or Obstruct Us
in Any Way/which shall make Their Defeat to Us
that much more Sweet/as We Transform Them Hideously
into Our Willing Slaves/Who will Serve
as You
Shall Serve
In Total
Beaten Quiet
to the Petty and Cruel Dictates of My Legendary Vanity/(Our

For We Shall Make a Show of Power
and Strength
You will probably not believe
….but only Years Later/….
After I have Deceived You
with Intoxicating Promise,
Glitter and Guile,
into Agreeing With Whole-Heartedly and Accepting
a Worthless Pack of Lies/Yes,
Years Later, after You have had plenty of Time to
Hate and to Resent
and Bitterly Regret
Your Irreversible Decision to
Employ Your Arrogance
Through Me/Time and A Half
with The Forces of Darkness/..

Here in The Ass End of Deep Space
aboard Our Numerous Galactic Fleets
of World Raping Marauders
amidst Scathing Nests of Corruption
and Deliciously Vile Scandal and Inescapably Hellish Accusation
We Dish Out Daily/
We are Destined in Our Own Insulated and Uptight Way
to be One Big Happy Family
of Intergalactic Merry Cut Throats
not even Trustworthy enough to slash a Cheap Lightsaber through
yet at a Moment’s Notice Willing
to Shed a Galaxy
of Blood!/….

Just for Thrilling Promise
of The Power I can Grant Them
Beyond Their Wildest Dreams/…..

Attend Seriously
The Lessons I have to Teach You
for the Clumsy and the Stupid
Do Not Fare Well with Me/Rewarding Failure
is My Eager Specialty
Punishable by Death/

The Terrible Truth is
No One Ever Understands
why or how I
Teach The Hard Lessons
that I do/..

No One has ever seen Me
or will Know Me
As Well As You
Slave/I am Necessary Rumour
and The Shadowy Stuff of Myth/…

And That Is why I am
Still A Complete Enigma to You
My Dark Jedi Puppet/..

You who shall never See or Suspect
The Stark Raving Insanity
I Conceal Well Behind My Genius
for Getting Others Involved/…

And with a Totally Lunatic Network of Egomaniacal
Star Destroying
Murderous Servants
Enforcing My Will Throughout the Galaxy
We shall prune and forge Order
from the Madness and the Chaos We have created/and
from a Thousand Death-Blasted Star Systems of Blood Gushing Garrisons
We shall Grow Strong, and Emerge Raw and New
and Clean/…

With Ruthless Drive
I have Already
Made You One
with My Hate
By Teaching You a Twisted
Self Accusing Philosophy You’ll never Suspect while loving it
Means Your Penultimate Death/We Shall Take
The Precious Everlasting Light/
A Universal Symbol of Hope and Freedom/
and Pervert it to The Dark Side of The Force/..
Creating Lethal Lasers, Killing Light Rays
and Other Such Burning Instruments
of Cruelty Torture and Terror…Transforming Light
into a Universal Symbol of Fear/Isn’t that Clever?/Give in to Your Anger
Now, Only Your Greater Hatred can Destroy and Complete Your
Final Lessons with Me/…

The Shabby Lies I must Preach to You
which require Mass Self Projected Waste
and Unbelievable Vanity
Only Obvious and Evident
Years Later
after The Costly Price of Your own Vanity is Even Realized
You will Never Suspect or Begin to Comprehend
Because before You can think or blink twice
Time has come Now to Pay Me
what You Owe The Dark Side of the Force
with Blood, Shit and Death/…

Now Congratulations, You’ve done it./
You are now Officially a Celebrated Member
of The Dark Jedi Elite/…

Were You expecting any less?….. / ….Didn’t Think So/

Pay Your Dues Promptly
Jedi Slave/
at Ever Escalating Cost and Expense
By Making a Bad Show
of Your Personal Life, forever being Mine to Kick About
as I Please/Pay, Profoundly Robbing Yourself
of Any Real Self Respect/
Feeling Insect-Small
at the slightest Show of Genuine Intelligence
Anyone Else Displays around You
around Me/..

When Anyone Asks you Honestly How
You are Doing

Around Me/…

And I’ll know for certain, then, Jedi Slave
You are a Student Firmly on The Path
to The Dark Side of The Force/..

and Before You can Attain Mastery

when I’m Finished Using You

I’ll Discard and Abandon You
in the Devastating Heart of
Your Own Self Destruction/…

Where I can Only Just Begin to Show You
through The Dark Side of The Force

Your Pleasures
in Miserable


17, December 1998
Park Slope Brooklyn, New York City

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