To the Letter To the Letter Volume Y I'm Not Afraid of The Dark

Tea-Bags for Vampires

For Min-Phay Chiou, Maria Diaz and Debbi Kempton-Smith

There was this really cute boy
spitting out
all this stuff
that was going through my head/or on top of my Skull
on Which I fasten a
Sky-Blue band of Cloud- filled Dreams
(if Clouds be Fluffy)
My Nose is Stuffy
And I. find Myself. sneezing out. the Flowers.
In a. Field full of Daisies. That I am Afraid to Pass.

The Whiteness of my Scratchless Scalp,
smoother than Porcelain,
can shatter like Glass
at Her slightest touch
She twists Madness into my opened Mind/Black Tongue
Forked through Red Lips, licking/
She is a Creature
of Desire/Shifting Shape/
into a Corrupted Beast/
Beneath the Glitterblast Strobing of my Heart
which Sirens Out a Disco Beat/
Under a Bloated Bitchy Bleeding Moon

I put my hand Down There in That Dark Tight Space/
in That Hot Wet Place/to
Taste the Curse
of Feminine Itching and Scratching/and
I Watch my
Dripping Scarlet Fingertips
approach my lips
with a
Fascinated Horror

30, April 1992

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