To the Letter To the Letter Volume Y I'm Not Afraid of The Dark

Tea at the Apocalypse

For Jonathan Walsh

At the End
of the World
with a High Fiery Mushrooming
Red Cloud
Alight in our Eyes,
(And being One with Vaporizing Bones Everywhere)
there is no
further reason to argue
that He Who Has the Most Toys
Really Matters….

But there I was,
Arguing in Your Favor
Invincible against Destruction
and Alive
in the God White Eye
of Fire, Unscorched and not feeling the Heat,
Not feeling the Inferno at all.

And Seated at a Table was I,
where I was sipping Hot Herbal tea
Observing the Devastation, Amused

And Naked, You came out
of the Fire
Quietly. Seated Yourself down
beside me, all Aqua-Eyed
not speaking to me.

Amazed to be
Alive in this Obliteration, You were,
But having a Sweet Hot Cup with me anyway
at My Invitation
(Serenely taking in the Destruction Work all around Us)

Haven’t We
Now Reason to Believe
that in light of Our Survival this far,
through the Worst
that the Best
is Yet to Come?

25 June 1997
I’m Not Afraid of the Dark #32
F i n n e g a n

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