Dark Burning Rain and Other Poems I'm Not Afraid of The Dark

Strawberry Bitchblade

Like Alice
falling feet first
Down the Dark
Rabbit Hole

She pitches Tent on the Brink of Madness
At the cost of Her Self Respect…
At the cost of Her Mental Hygiene ..
At the cost of Her Freinds…
This is The Last of Alice She can see of Herself
in the fragments of the Looking Glass She’s
S h a t t e r e d
in a Blind Rage
with a Bloody Fist
and A Darkened Heart
Tasting Her Own Bitterness
as She Crawls
Knees cut
across the Glass
She Believes Herself Wiser
for The Experience
At the cost of Her Skin
At the cost of Her Bones
At the cost of Her Teeth
And the Price of Her Eyes Not Withstanding
She’s a Bitching Bloody Mess of a Martyr
Finding Herself among Her Blind Screaming Sistah Soldjahs
in a Whirlpool of Imaginary Violence and Delusional Terrors
spitting Pictures from The Newspapers and the Telly
and Opening Dark Vision in Her Mind
And The Goddess wont mind, (will she?)
if She Preys on the Truly Loving? The Truly Giving?
The Truly Pure?
–Suckers for The Snatching Like Sweets from a Babe!–
And She Sucks Them Clean
of their Self Respect…
This is Sanctified According to her Post Modern Feminist Faith
Does Not The Goddess Speak to her in This Vision?

Do not Her Eyes roll back in her sightless sockets
And does She not Speak in tongues?

Are not Lies to Loved Ones
when things are tough all over
and A Girl’s gotta survive some kind of Culture Shock?
Is not Love, Money?
Is not Sex, Power?
Is not Her Pussy the Passport to Paradise if
She plays Her Part in This Casino
Plays Her Cunt to Perfection
Plays Her Cards Right?
And Believing Herself
Wiser for The Experience
She Indoctrinates Herself with The Politics of Pussy
the Girl in the Shattered Looking Glass to
come hither
Come Hither in Her Dirtied White Lace Dress, A Picture of
Fragmented Innocence Lost
And She Kisses the Dizzy Bitch sweetly on the cheek
and cuts the little cunt’s throat
at the same time
in one seductive
stroke with a shard of Broken Looking Glass
“Because This Town Aint Big Enough for The Both Us, Girlie,
This City Aint Sleeping At My Expense
When I have to Survive!”
(Choking Up Blood, Alice-Bitch
trembles in Her Arms)
“Baby I have Sights to See, Women to Fuck
Men to Manipulate
with my Righteous Omnipotent
Awe-Inspiring Twat
and Money to spend like No Tomorrow
And You’re too Sweet for Your Own Fucking Good, Prude!”
“I am a Whore…”
(Eyes fluttering against the
Oncoming Sleep of
Alice-Bitch Begs
Weakly for Mercy,
knowing She’ll receive none)
“……..Honey, and I’m gonna make it in This Here Town
I’m gonna make it in This Here Town
Gonna Take My Pussy
Out For A Walk
And Hope Your Dead when I come Back!

(and She Drops the stupid Pollyanna, cuz Her

And She Goes out with Her Pussy
all Pumped
and Primped
and Pimps her Kitty
to These Dumb Bitches in Heat
Looking for some Passion
and Looking for A Real Woman to protect and to serve
and to please
And She ropes ’em in and Rapes ’em of their Self Worth Faster
Now than She can Change Her Panties
(if She Bothers to Wear Any)
And Pleased with Her Conquests,
This Tigress Declares Herself
to a Night-Lit Skyline
of Metropolitan Glitter and Glare
Saying “I am Woman, Hear Me Roar!”
and Spirits soar on Muscled Floors
and She’s got some Dumb Jock of a Jack-Ass
Eating Sweet Things Out of Her Candy Dish
and paying Her Triple what He would The Common Prostie/..
And Believing Herself
Wiser for the Experience
She Closes Her Heart/She Closes Her Mind/She
Closes Her Eyes and Rides the Waves of Pure Sensation
Rocking Her Clit
And Mauling Her Tits
And Holy MotherFucking Shit! I”m Coming!
I’m Coming!
I’m Coming!

And Blind In the Orgasm of Manipulation and Greed
Fired Up By Lust
and Deafened by Self Righteousness
She cannot hear the Waves of Radar
Transmitting From Her Old Sold Soul Like Solar Flares
Out Into Spacey Cold Apathy…..
Because to think Just Now would Spoil Her High
Because to think Just Now
would Slap Her
in the Face
Because, come to think of it,
These are Orange for The Sun
Blue for the Sky
and White for Her Rage
Like No Other Store in The World
She’s Angry at The World
like no other Store oi the World “These Consumers just come
in and spend Money On Me
Like There’s No Tomorrow
and That Hurts because The Party is Over it would seem
and I’m Not Having Fun Anymore
At the cost of my Friends
At the cost of my Cunt
At the cost of my Mind
And My Heart,
By Reason of Darkness
has Fallen Silent
unless I jump start it Every Morning with Drugs and Sex in
Double Doses
And Her Wrists pulse Virgin at the Veins
when She Cuts them
with The Razor
and a Strawberry Color Slides
grieving and free
like tears
Her Hands
filling Her nostrils with Fruity Sweetness
Bitter, but Honeyed and Gummy
and Jamming Up Her Lifeline in the Palms of Her Hands
by Her
Own Hands
And This Bloody Bitch of a Martyr Reminds Herself
In the Looking Glass of Her Own Brutal Wonder
that These are The Best Laid Plans of
Rabbits and Women,
that These are The Days, My Friends
that These are the Things that Dreams are Made of…/..

that These are the Things that Dreams are Made of…/..

that These are the Things that Dreams are Made of…../…

25 October, 1992
Chinatown, New York City

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