I'm Not Afraid of The Dark

Seeing and Being Seen

With Perfect Clarity
I was Born
For a Purpose I knew
but then forgot
Til Father Time saw fit
to Ripen Me
to My Passion

Nothing can Keep Me Apart from What I Love

and so I Learned of
My Natural Fearlessness
and in This took both Heart and Faith.

In a clearly Insane World
it would Seem
I can be Sure of Nothing
but Myself.

I see Clearly
that appearance is

Yet This World Revolves Around It.

Why should You Judge Me by how I appear
Mistaking This for Content?

When will You See Me as I am?

I am a Radiant Being
filled with Light and Love… It takes Heart
Not eyes, to See This

My Worst Flow is
The Best in Me/The Best in Me always Seems
to bring out The Worst in Others/My Worst Flow is I’m
Actually Too Sweet/ I Remember Choosing This Flaw

in Heaven
Before I was Born Here. Don’t You See

Now am I a Living Lesson
of Fearless Vision

Not Caring How it Looks.
Simply wishing it to be

Fearlessness promotes Serenity

Vision Communicates Everything

What More could I Serve but This
which is Natural in Me?

do You, Who
Ceaselessly Reject Me

Not Understand

that Communication
Not Appearance
Life? The Mindless, Vain and the Heartless
are merely The Living Dead to Me…….

I Live Only to make Myself
Perfectly Clear.

I’m Not Afraid of the Dark #66
28 December 1997

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