To the Letter To the Letter Volume X The Insidious Illusion of Choice

PussyAssed Penguins?


How Many Purple Penguins
Penned by Paupers
Can You Pick?

How Many Purple People
Pitched in Poison
Can You Fuck?

How Many Purple Pebbles
Rained From Heaven
Can You Trust?

How Many Purple Potions
Splashed in Passion
Can You Love?

The Insidious Illusion Of Choice # 1
25 June, 2003
Koln, Germany


Gepoesdekonte Pinguins?

Hoeveel Paarse Pinguins
Gepind door Paupers
Kun Je pikken?

Hoeveel Paarse Personen
Gedoopt in Vergif
Kun Je neuken?

Hoeveel Paarse Parels
regenend Vanuit de Hemel
Kun Je vertrouwen?

Hoeveel Paarse Toverdrankjes
Gedreven in Passie
Kun Je Lief Hebben?

The Insidious Illusion Of Choice # 1
Translated by Grand Vizir Agency
20 Juli 2004
Amsterdam Holland

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