Nasty Little Creatures



Electric Vibration/…
My Father /My Mother
Electric Vibration/..
My Memories /My Childhood
Electric Vibration/..
My Present Life, /My History, /My Past Lives/
Electric Vibration/
My Future ,/My Awakening/ My Enlightenment
Electric Vibration/
My Energy /My Purity
Electric Vibration/



Communicate. / Electrocute. / Illuminate


What are vibrations from Heart?

Why does Mind ask?

Where is Mind? Clarity.

               Spirits kiss              clean, sweet         and disease free
Love wants to be known,
                and not Kept a mystery
        Reserved for Gothic Horror Fiction
Things Must Change./ Life Must Change./ Lies you have told must be revealed for what they are/Mistakes you have made must be corrected with your consent./ You are wasting time and energy keeping your mistakes hidden from yourself/ Resentment and hostility may indeed be yours, but you must give them up right now, if you would join me this instant in freedom/Hatred Must Give Way to Love,/Sorry,——-there is no other way
International Borders must be crossed
Interracial Barriers must be broken down
Global Harmony Is not Impossible,— and neither is it improbable!
Tolerance teaches Peace, not Intolerance. which clearly Teaches War.

Wake Up
Free Citizens of the Planet Earth
Identify and Respect Your Freedom
By Recognizing what it is not./
Erase Your Nations, Erase your Boundaries and Conventional sense of Family,
re-write Your History,
always tell the ugly truth
and Begin Again
in a NWO With the Knowledge
You came here of your own free will…

9, July 2007/Amsterdam, Holland


Vibrations electriques
Mon pere/ma mere
Vibrations electriques
Ma memoire/mon enfance
Vibrations electriques
Mon present/mon histoire/mes vie passees
Vibrations electriques
Mon future/mon eveil mon instruction
Vibrations electriques
Mon energie/ ma purete
Vibrations electriques





Quelles sontles vibrations venues du Coeur

Pourquoi mon esprit me le demande?

Ou est mon esprit? Clairete
               Baiser spirituel,              propre,doux,         et maladie libre
L amour doit etre compris
                et pas etre un secret
        Reserve pour la fiction de l horreur gothique
Les choses doivent changer/la vie doit changer/les mensonges du passé doivent etre devoiles pour ce qu ils sont/ les erreurs que tu as commises doivent corrigees avec ton consentement/tu perds ton temps et ton energie a garder tes erreurs au plus profond de toi/ le ressentiment et l hostilite te sont nefaste mais tu dois donner le meilleur de toi meme si tu veux te joindre un instant a la liberte/la haine doit ceder a la place a l amour/ pardon, il n y a pas d autres possibilities.
Les frontiers internationnales doivent etre franchies
Les barrierres interraciales doivent etre detruites
L’harmonie n’est pas impossible —–et rien n’est improbable
La tolerance nous enseigne la paix, pas l’ intolerance,
Qui elle nous apprend la guerre.

Citoyen libre de la planete terre
Indentifie et respecte ta liberte
Pour reconnaitre ce qui n’en est pas
Efface ta nation

Reecris ton histoire
Ne cache jamais la sale verite
Et redevient
Au nord west avec le savoir
Tu viens ici de ton proper gres pour…….

9, July 2007/Amsterdam, Holland

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