Ode to the End of the American Dream and other anti-racist poems Nasty Little Creatures

Ode to The End of The American Dream

Good Morning America, Land of The Free/I never miss you,I never miss you
while the rest of the planet is so
much more Cool and Free./As a Traveling Poet I really do know
Its a Nation-less Life that’s for me/While Reality is so much more interesting than Old Dull Dead White
Dreams/While Reality is so much more interesting/than mucking around with You…/

Good Morning America, Land of Religious Intolerance,/ and a Politically Correct and Corrupt
Domination/ to the Liberation of Social Disease—and Social Misinformation/Good Morning
America, Land of rampant and unchecked Fascism/ Land of Untold Hatred and Racism/Land of
a growing Shocking Pollution and Fortune 500 Companies,/Oh goody!/`–Always Tax Free
for the Healthy and Wealthy and Wise,/Oh Yes, Always Tax Free/

I never loved You and Your American Dreams/I never loved you of The American Dream/ A Land
built on Industry via exterminated Native American Indians and African Slaves,/ You got to where you are today/ ,
you got all your ill-gotten gains through the blood, sweat and tears of raped, murdered and
enslaved Indigenous Nations More Enlightened than You in your Arrogance and Self
Important Dreams of Rule,/You Wear Your Sweet and Smiling Face, to hide the disdain and
the hatred of Those Less Physically Attractive than You,/Those you would make wipe your ass for
you if you could/and so its These People you got to push around throughout your shocking,
poorly Doctored White American History
of Lies, Corruption, Hypocrisy, Murder and Deceit/
forcing them to do all those nastily unpleasant jobs, like raise your Gleaming White American Children,
sweep your Church-centric White American Streets, Clean Your White American Public Restrooms( which no seems
to clean)/and so To Clean your White American Conscience
You just Keep on Keeping on Oppressing Those Great Unwashed Ethnic Freaks
and Using Devious 21st Century Enslavement as Means of Dominating Society
because, that is History isn’t it?/ It never Really fucking changes, does it?./And Even though You
have benefited enormously on the backs of human slaves, dug up and defiled the tombs and graves
of their ancestors so what?/You just had to put up yet another condo which no one will want to
live in because its ridiculously expensive
and too cheaply made,/ you just had to make room for that new Super Highway which will never really go
anywhere different, exciting and new,/ you just had to waste millions that could have fed the
world’s starving population on that cheesy Hollywood Cinema Pic about Large Breasted Blonde
Haired and Blue Eyed Heterosexual Bimbos needing rescuing by Beefy Blonde haired Blue eyed Heterosexual Heroes,/
films which have always reeked and stank of rotting cheese, in dreams of violence loved by losers, liars and weaklings
so stupid and sleazy and greedy, these things/
these Lame Games and Schemes
of the American Dream/I don’t miss that, and I
wont miss its collapse in its end/The American Dream
has breathed its last gasp…/and I’m gonna be there eating popcorn in front row seats!/….

Good Morning America, Good Morning, Good Morning.’/Can I have your attention please?/
Those living in our new and improved Planet America now,
those who have escaped the future global purge lacking blonde hair, blue eyes and good breeding, please, move further and further to the back,
please. You don’t look good on film and camera, you see/Sorry, but We have Gone Black and Have Happily
Come Back/ –We think sticking with only our own Insanely White Ideas in Hollywood and not letting
Real Black Writers and Real Black film directors or producers
Have a Go, is only natural/ when We are in control/ –You know those Niggers can’t even think read, or spell past Those Dreadful CaveNigger Rapsongs they keep aping on The Radio like Wild Jungle Gorillas with Human Clothes,/ Just picture them actually trying to write real scripts, they’d be a joke! /We seem to have run out of ideas for films, though /and so We are very busy striking now for higher pay, or making tired
remakes of 20th Century Films, (which make you wish they’d never made the original in the first place, so they could butcher it so) You wont have
many movies made about Your Ugly Black Behinds though, that’s for sure
so just fuck off, you over-ambitious negros, and stay in your place/Just be content with the brain-dead mumbojumbo We generously provide for you through the
garbage-strewn run-down Roach and Rat motel neighbourhoods we allow you to exist in living off our refuse and garbage — ?Just so you can slowly kill each
other off, leaving more room for us/ Those with white skin, are of the Superior Race, you see?/ How
do We Lily-White American Dreamers Know this?/ Its because Its Scientifically Proven. /White
People are the only ones who possess such a variety of Hair and Eye Colors, so pretty to look at, and those Recessive
Junk Genes are very precious and rare, so, everyone else must step back and let those Superior Monkeys
Needlessly and Noisily
Dominate their World with their Vain Selfish Bullshit./
Mind you, it’s the whole fucking foundation for their logic and reasoning
Even though, its obvious to everyone else
There is no American Dream
With any Original Content and Substance/

Good Morning America, Good Morning, Good Morning,–Goodness Gracious Me! —
You sure have loads of insanely fat Americans laying on their asses watching tv,judging themselves
superior by the fame hungry idiots they watch enviously—are there more fat people in America than starving
babies in Africa?/Who knows?/Maybe those starving black babies should be allowed to eat these fat peoples lyposuction
treatments, and then, everyone would be happy!/ You’re so rich, yet so wasteful, America,!/ Did you
know your collectively thrown away food alone could feed all the starving babies in Africa, –but
oh well, let the little nigger babies starve!/Who has time to care when Its time for another episode
of American Idol!/ And now you have the gall to call yourself independent, autonomous and free
in a place you have stolen, overrun, and overused, and have always had the nerve to call
the Home of The Brave,
Where you’ve now spread like a Human Engineered Disease/

Good Morning America, Good Morning, Good Morning/ The Birdies
are chirping so sweetly/…Good Morning America, Good Morning,.just listen/ can you hear it?
Someone is reading
Your Poetry…/Good Morning America,/ Good Morning,
Good Morning/ More and More People are Waking Up from You
and Leaving Your Misery…/

20 January, 2008,
Rostock, Germany

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