Dark Burning Rain and Other Poems Nasty Little Creatures


“Don’t Use The Word
In Your Poetry

For if You want to Write with
Real Genius, Unique to You and with
All Your Imagined
Inspired Freedom…

come from a little
and smaller sense of me
to work a sense
of clear
mastery in your poems…/

In other words,
do them Like Me, You know, Just Like I Would/

Make Them Something
about Forms and Shapes and Things I can Identify with
Reflecting Only
My Expensive Upbringing, Costly Education, and High Class Breeding,/..

Make Them all in My Empty, Lily White Image
And Then Maybe

I will see
about publishing Your Angry,
Silly Poetry”
Said He,/..

“Don’t Use The Word
in Your Poetry

Your Sense of “I”
is Not Mine,

and therefore
shall never do…”
Advised She,

“For if You wish to truly
capture with your words
a raw naked genius on tap
in endlessly lamenting Beautiful Frames
of Many a Miserably Inspired Existence
in Portraits and Pictures of Well Dressed Pain,
Then Paint Redly and Paint Blackly only in bitter, shallow, Angry Points of View
based only vaguely on Universal Truth,/( and just what is that, anyway, Really?),
And Make of All with but a Seeming Sheen and Semblance of The True,
Thats all You’ll Need/Yes/That Enough, Will do/
Remember, Less is The New More!/Yes?/Well then,
You must always follow after Me and My
Special Classic Examples
Thats what You Must Do,/
Everything That I Tell You To,/

Because I
am Famous,
and a Celebrity
and Not You!”
Advised He,
Just a Taste Bit

and Hateful/√Źn a Strange
and UnSpoken,__Accusing and Accursed

Body Heat/…

“And accurately reflect in words
only the blackest moods
of deepest resentment
and darkest bitterness
That Dont Quite Show How Alone and Coo-Coo
You Really Are, Oh Yes!/That will do/
..and Accurately Reflect in Words Only
The Prettiest Pictures of You, in a poorly painted
yet beautifully framed, Sad Self-portrait
of You, yet Again, Not Always Getting Your completely Spoiled and Vapid
Self Centered,
Wicked Witch Way
with your Vastly Miserable cunt of a life/…

Yes, True Genius
that is!/That would be/If You can get That Right!

And always come from a Righteous Place of Low Self Esteem
in your image of creation, if the glory be miserably assigned
God’s Fault,
and Not Your Own/..”
Advised She..

and Then, Maybe

We Shall See
Just Maybe,

about Publishing
Your Whining, Self-Righteous
Morally Obscene
Politically Incorrect
Said She, Eying Me
Sharp and Shrewdly,
a moment

Not Believing This For A Second,
Not Even as She
Said All This to Me,
But Sincerely

Hoping I
would Believe

Now, Let Us Try
to Understand
Whats Going On Here/ What’s Really
Going On Here,

And Examine Honestly
What it is I am Really being Advised,
Shall We?/

How Can I, Truly,
Express my Genuinely
Well Thought of Experiences
if I Don’t Use
The Word
in My Poetry?

Not Even Sometimes?

You would try to take away
My one Power and Truth

as a writer
to cripple the power and potency of my Verse

to have Me create
as Senselessly
as Passionless-ly
as Mindlessly
as You,

And Go Nowhere
with It, Just As You Have,

Just so You could Act out Your Sick and Stupid

Just because You’re Too Fucking Lazy
and Afraid
to really Open Up
and Tell The Truth about Yourself
in Your Own Creations

Doesn’t Mean I
Really am
going to take

Misguided, Seemingly Well Meaning, yet Deeply Resentful
Passive Aggressive

You’re Only Fooling Yourself
If that’s what
You Really Think
I’ll Do/

My own Inner Counsel I Will Keep

Creating Original Examples
of Inspired Poetry

Keep All My Creative Verse Free

of Silly and Senseless Limitations Imposed

By The Creatively Challenged, Imaginatively Blocked
and Emotionally Retarded
and not limit what I can say, think or do

in My Poems, With Only My Free
Gifted Self Expression I can count on, Time after Time, as Really Mine,
That No One Can Really
Take Away From Me/..

Because My Creations, like My Mind,

are as perfectly free

as the Miraculous and Inspired Instant of Life

They were Created In/
And In Light,

and Only In Light,/

Shall I find My Poetic Truth and Freedom
And Give This Away
To a Mentally Thirsty
Creatively Starving World

of Commercially Brainwashed

Just Because
You Can Endlessly
My Real
Creative Purpose here (Alive
and Beside You),
Doesn’t Really Mean
You Always Will.//…

2 October, 2008
Amsterdam, Holland

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