To the Letter To the Letter Volume X I'm Not Afraid of The Dark

Master of Darkness

I just wanted
you to know
ALL the Flies
seem to be so Attracted to Me/

I am The Lord of The Flies

and You
are But one of the Many
Creatures of Darkness.
from Hell/
I have just seemed to Spawn from
My Cold Black Womb/
which just happens to double
as My Anus/

Sometime from Now/
When Your Clear Irridescent Wings Bloom/
and You learn how to Defy Gravity
In My Name/as Your Newfound Wings Carry You
from Dropping to Dropping
and as You Feast on Shit/
You Shall Remember Me/from The Stink of The Road/

This is what has created the Need for your Present Transformation/

16 June 1998
Washington Heights, NYC
I’m Not Afraid of The Dark #37
F i n n e g a n

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