To the Letter To the Letter Volume X I'm Not Afraid of The Dark

Grandmother Moon Remembers Murder

(a poem for the Necromedium)

Gleaming blade,
splashed Scarlet Drops to make
a joyful noise unto the Dark Lord of
Suffering, a Gray Lady Down
is a wonamn of Substance
A woman of much fleshtone, as the painting
needs a bit more Red…
The Silver Noise is the whisper of dust
to Her. Grave Gray Lady, and She sits in her
Chair and rocks by the Window
in Dead Silence
and She refracts as She reflects
a Fading Ghost shafted on Attic stairs. Radiant
Dust Motes whirling in noiseless violence are
caught coppery in a Blast of Sun
Quiet Gray Lady lists her head
to let Her Eyes catch Fire
in Gold

26 April, 1991
Grenwich Village, New York
I’m Not Afraid of the Dark #20

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