To the Letter To the Letter Volume X I'm Not Afraid of The Dark

Grandmother Moon Remembers Madness

(a Poem for the Necromedium)

Gray Lady
stiff and cold
Yours is the Light of My Eyes
That Dark Tunnel moving
Windswept, towards the Back
of my mind, Where I remember Beatings, Such echoed
Whips, such Stinging Lashes, Such Throbbing Violence
in My Temples
all contracting at the tips
of my fingers, where I rub them.
He put You
in the Dark Moist Earth,
Gray Lady,
And I remember Anger,
He put You in the Ground, Gray Lady
with His Cold Black Hands
and then I remember
Thorns of the Flowers, Where
I pricked my fingers Scarlet.
Gray Lady
Drowning in the Dark,
I don’t Remember Screaming
when the people came with elaborate dress….
when the people came with exquisite memories….
when the people left with polite excuses…
the Tears of Horror
that streak down my face
as I Kiss your Reflection
in the Shattering Mirrors
of My Mind’s Eye

23, October 1991
I’m Not Afraid of the Dark #19

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