I'm Not Afraid of The Dark

Giving Up the Holy Grail of Rage

Despite Your
Best Efforts
to Destroy Me,

Here I still Shine, Beautifully

Howling Joyously throughout
The Cosmos,

“I am ALIVE!
I am FREE. And I L o v e

so Nothing can Keep Me Apart
from You

whom I Love.

Without Hesitation I dive
into The Obscure Depths of Your Madness
Because I want To Help You
and Because I take Limitless Faith and Confidence
in The Knowledge that You Love Me, too.

And so
Slark Raving Insanity
Not Stop Me
An Instant,

nor can My Love for You
Ever Cease an Instant,

simply because
We Seem
to Be Apart…..

I’m Not Afraid of the Dark #67
August 1998

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