To the Letter To the Letter Volume Y I'm Not Afraid of The Dark

Gently, By The Masochist

_____________________________________________for Mistral

She holds My beating heart
in her iron fist
and She won’t let it go./..
She is Pain, in all forms, All Manifestations./..
She skins Me Alive with
a Critical Cruelty
with no unclear Derision
at My Imperfections/..
Sensual, Beautiful,
Elegant and Silently Empowered/..
She opens Her Dark Horrible Eyes
to fix upon Me a Stare which Shatters the Diamonds of Strung Together
Stars Above,
and disperses their Jewels across
A Darkened, Silent Heaven/..
and Intoxicated in The Coloury bursts of Her
Hypnotic Command
We lock gaze./..

She gives Me the Gas Candle of sparkling Blues
to Shine and Light Her Path
as We retreat together
from The Holocaustal Fires of self destructing Societies
and travel Under The Kindgom/
and as the tiny flaring wick vanishes away
to waxy darkness.
I’m Sent to Heaven
with a Message of Her Blazing Black Kisses
to the Sky
Forever Blue
Forever True
Darkening Eyes on Both Sides,
We lock gaze/..
And I see Heaven,/
And I see Hades all Burning
in the terrors of Her
Pupils and Fire
singes my clothes and hair as
the Passion I feel for Her
simply by not being fed/..
And Burning all the Whiter
And Brighter
And Purest,
We lock gaze/…

are converging,/
Lips brush lightly,/
Teeth part,
and a violent surge of
Tongues grapple/
There is an intense Flash
of Heat/..
and then my bloodless fingers
grasps at Her Hair
and claw at Her Neck
to separate Her from Mine/..
The Pain She is
now Drives Wild,
and Unprohibited
throughout My Senses l
ike The Flood,
like the Scavenging
of some Hungry, Lusting
Tears come quietly to Me as She
sucks My Life Down Her Throat/..
Slurping away Innocence in a
Rushing Wave of Heated
Sweetened, Liquid Life…/..
Slackened, Weakened and
in Grief
as She lays Me down,


the Drop)

I bring This Accusation of Betrayal
to My Eyes
as She Mercifully Notes/..
Energy fading
I struggle../
She halts Me,
finger to My Lips,
finger to My Tear-Stained Cheeks
and Plants a Kiss
Gently to my Trembling Lips/..
This Sadist of a Lover
has Used Me
to Exhaustion/..
and sends me off
and away
to Sweeter Sensations
of Existence./..
High Places…
Star-filled Spaces..
Her Image Brightens
in Intense
White Light/…
I remember Good Things./ Feel Them./ Luxuriate in warmth
and Fleshless Freedom/..Fuse with Joy/Luxuriate in Light/I am./I am../I am…/
I’m Love/Rhythms of Forgotten Melodies
Whirl around Me/I plunge
into a Radiant Sea
of Music/..
Songs/Chords of Sunlight sing to Me./Shine on Me
Shine through Me/Vivify My Flesh-lessness
Amplify Me/
Energize Me/
My Angel
My Angel

My Crimson Essence weeps
from Her cheeks
lips and
mouth./She looks about
Better than Flesh Now
I see My Lover for What She is,
and Giving Voice,
Sensations of the Clear
Seething Happiness of My Being (an Awareness so
Pure and Clean it Far surpasses the Erotic)
I summon Her./..
Deadly Black Eyes
She looks up fearfully…/

We lock gaze../…

30, December 1990/
San Francisco, California

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