Dark Burning Rain and Other Poems I'm Not Afraid of The Dark



I feel the Devil inside Me
crawling at the pit of my stomach
in the depths of my bowels
whispering his carnal curse
(that and) for the Very Meat I am (And Crave)
to rot like animal shit from My Bones
And I Pray for the Light of The Sun
For the Devil begins to Eat Me
from the Inside Out
taking Sharp Bites at my guts
and Chewing Very carefully
and I’m doubling over in Pain
and I’m blasted backwards Through Space
and in hot suction I’m being pulled Back into
the Womb
and with Bright Force I’m Pushed down
into the Cream-Filled Stream of My Karmic Brothers and Sisters
who swirl in Heavy Steam
and broil in thick white bubbles which slowly swell and Burst
and I Plunge into a Fiery Ocean of Sperm
where I am nothing
and in nothing
The Devil has Rendered His Due
like Lips locking Rings of Saturn around my throat
in Ice and Stone
I’m Trapped, Frozen
in an Abyss
of nothing
I pray for the Light of The Sun

11, SEPTEMBER 1990

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