Dark Burning Rain and Other Poems I'm Not Afraid of The Dark


Everyday in dry feverish
Infernos of Lust

I explode

Destruction swiftly sweeping
through my senses
and sensations of rigid, cold
and Slime-darkened unfulfilling
reach out

to grab my balls
with icy fangs
and rip Them bloody
from my body

in Brutal Enslavement
to my horrid third leg,

Veiny and stiff
and Inflamed with Power

Demanding my attention,
Demanding your affection,

thick, hard
muscle at your Service


I Explode!

Dry and Red and Hellishly Hot, the Fevers
of Infernal Locomotion,
the contractions and expansions,
the Wave and the Wind,
the Whip and the World and
The Devil Himself,

The Poisonous pearly-white
Liquids of Joy
are Released

as I Dream
as I cream
as I Scream

I Explode!

There’s a Monster in my pants, Baby!

as the watercolourvision
of Reality
grows Dimmer and Blood-filled
and Drier and Hotter
and Harder

and big titted Vixens flash
the Beaver of Forbidden Notions
in my face
(Dare I take a Bite?)

and Bare-Ass White Boys
stroke and suck and lick
and bite and grind me down
to my knees

as Bright Red Lust
Fires Up my senses,
I Explode!
and naked blonde white bodies
taste me and suck me and stroke me
and lick me and
taste me and suck me
and stroke me
and lick me and taste me and
suck me and stroke me and
lick me
to Exquisite Ruin

Tensions Build and
becomes my Blood and my
Heartbeat, beating off
Fibrillating Vibrating
Breath-Time, bright movement
in Death-Time, in Anticipation
of Release

I can’t hold back The Wave
and Engulfed in the Swirling
Poisonous Lust

I Fall into

I drown in the Fire
I Explode!
Fiendishly I lick You
Fiendishly I kiss You

I mount You and Ride
the Pony Express
to Hell

that Primal Darkness of
Death before Life as Always…
Everyday I plunge into
Eternity, the blackness
of Death every time I
Feel the Dark Burning Rain
of Anger
and Every Time I remember
my Wholeness

but filled with

I Explode!

Everyday, the days melt
into One Solid Fist of

and My Penis is My Intelligence
seeking Its own

Everyday I take the Plunge,
the fall into Caverns
of Dripping Darkness
where the Essence of My Soul
is Fused into The Beast

and Fusion with Animals
makes me confused,
and Confused, I grow
and I stretch and I
E x p a n d

and Enraged by the Isolation
my Goodness and my Kindness
have Dealt Me…

I Explode!

Tensions Build Me and Intensity Fills Me
as Everyday
now turned Eternal turns me down
and I take the Plunge into an Eternity of Anticipation
a Climaxing Sensation of an
Awareness of

and Slowly I receive acceptance
of Suicide

and Slowly…..
I Self-Destruct in
sleek, silvery sets of contractions and
e x p a n s i o n s and contractions
and e x p a n s i o n s of
Locomotive Muscles Inflamed with
the Infernal Fires of
Fiendish Lust

Orgasmic Blasts of Ecstasy
blind me and Stupefied
I fall

I splash in the Fire


I Explode!

My Reintegration is Unenlightening….

THERE’S STILL a Monster in my pants, Baby!

Driven by Remorse, a sad Poignant Memory
of My Wholeness.
I am Fused
in the Awareness of the Beast
a Fusion that gives Birth to Confusion

Lonely, I’m searching for Love I never remember
is Inside of Me to begin with
Mindlessly, I Locomote
engaged in Mechanical
contractions and e x p a n s i o n s seeking and never
finding Fulfillment, seeking the
Eternity of Anticipation,
The Rise, Climb and Fall into
And in Feverish Ferociously Hot
Hellish Locomotion
(The Anticipation of Eternity)
I scream
my Battle Cry of Seething Desire
fueled by
the Dark Burning Rain
of Anger
I clash against Titanic
waves of contractions and e x p a n s i o n s and contractions and e x p a n s i o ns
and I Lose
against the Wave,
The World and The War
and The Devil Himself
The Poisonous Pearly-White bursts
of Happy Juice

drains me of My Energy
drains me of My Time

drains me of My Life
drains me of My Mind

And I am a Fiend for Pleasure because Pain
is what I know
And I am a Fiend for Life because Death
is when I Live
And I am a Fiend for Creation because Destruction
is where I am
And I am a Fiend for Love because Anger
is what I am
And I am a Fiend for Union because Separation
is why I Desire
And I am a Fiend for You because Need
is why I am

8, March 1990

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