Dark Burning Rain and Other Poems I'm Not Afraid of The Dark

Dark Burning Rain

Dedicated Respectfully to Robert Smith/Elisabeth Fraser/ Morrissey/Frankie Clinton/Simon Le Bon and Anne Rice

A Lightstorm Rages Ablaze in Heaven
and in this Dark City
of Intolerant Qualities of Life
it is Raining Angels
and Demons
down on the Damned in
Dark Seething Waves
where Writhing in Agony
in the Brutal Assault of
D a r k B u r n i n g R a i n
from an Enraged
but Mostly Indifferent Heaven
The Beaten Sad and Broken Slaves
of the Sick and Dying Societies
of Vampiric Liars
find Themselves
Suddenly Ejected and Exposed
near the End of a Century
Inadequately prepared for And Lonely………
with the Time Ahead
not looking Attractive
or in the Least Bit
Inviting……./So They Hide This painfully
from Awareness with Frantic Attempts
to Re-Live the Savage Fantasies
of Their Wasted and Misspent
Spoiled Rotten
And so Accuse and Attack their Own Young now to pass by The Time
Wrecking and Condemning
Their Own Futures for Sure……
but What The Hell,
No Peace will They have for Themselves
Or Anyone Else
While Their Own Young Remain
to Threaten Them / with Reality / and Beauty /
and Life
So Jealously
and Spitefully Perceived as
Denied Them/
And always feeding Their Children Something Nasty from the Heart
They slowly weaken their Offspring in Strangleholds of Disapproval and Guilt
with which They Senselessly
Engage Their Young like Sick Leeches of Hate
Injecting Them with the Venom of Hostility, Accusation and Attack
Over Basically
Nothing but Misery and Envy and Shame and Blame and Despair and Guilt and Lies
Hoping for the Younger Generation Genocide At Best
But Being Willing to Settle Happily
And Starting by Starving Then Ravenously Devouring Their Own Little Terrors
And Hence Developing The Predictable Concepts
of an Empty Nest for a Middle Age
Which They can Now roost in like an Overglorified Grave
without Competition
or Care or
Complaint or
to Irritate or Distract Them
as They Eagerly Await
the Breadwinning Deaths They’ve worked so hard for All Their Lives
Which are Over-Complex yet also Dull
and Senselessly Cruel and Overlong
But Involving Actually Nothing
and its Petty Distractions
so that something Vital seems to Have Escaped Their Notice Now……
and They Watch for It carefully
wondering Why They can’t
See It
But They are Attended Hauntingly in a Spring and Summer Hush
by the Steady Tick
of Time
which They claim
Claims their little lives to Rot and Slowly Fester
Manicured Memory by Manicured Memory
the Sick and Fruitless Hopes They Vainly Seek
to color Their Un-Inspired and Insipidly
Self-Important Lifestyles
and the Steady Tick of
I n s a n i t y
Hidden though Not
Openly Advertised
in every Terrified Second of Breath
is the Deeply Distorted and Denied
Impulse to Love
and Laugh and Beautifully Create
masked miserably by Vain and
Insidious Lies
And Then Projected Outward
as if it were Separate and Apart from the Nasty
Sick, and Twisted Mind
that First conceived of it
And Gave It Preference as a
Substitute Reality
The Sad and Sorry Slaves of Hatred and Vanity
Now find Themselves in
Writhing Miserably Alone
in Hellish Agony
Near the end of A Millenium
which They are Inadequately Prepared For
with The Time Ahead
not at All Looking Inviting/ Nor in the Least bit Attractive……./
As the Secret New Disciples
of the Litanies of Hatred
Circular -Reasoning
and Self-Defeat
All Massing Together in Pathetic Legions
in a Black Celebration
Declaring Only These Messages
Over and Over:
“It’s Fun to be Sick and Confused,
It’s Fun to be Enraged and Insane,
It’s fun to Gossip Cruelly and Tell Vicious Lies….
And It’s Fun to
Be in Unbelievable Pain!’
And so the Sick Sycophants
of Eroding Ancient Empires
E-Mail these Dark Sentiments
Post Haste
to All They Believe
They can Wisely Educate
Though Even Their On-Line Activities
are beginning
to Menace Them Now
because Their Precious P.C.’s
are soon Promising Them
a sleek Techno-Viral Doomsday
wrapped in an Exciting Futuristic
Hellish Foretaste
of Exotic Alien Carnage
Cryptically Encoded
in a Sinister Buffet of Microchip Sicknesses Galore
garnished Pleasantly
in sleek color
Photo Shop Quality Copies of Laser Jet
Accuracy in Blazing
Shredding Seething Words
aptly chosen and designed Perfectly to Disturb,
Agitate and Awaken Totally
The Deeply Denied and Painfully Hidden
Beautiful Healing Satisfying Endless Radical Light Within
In Silence
and so Attained
Which is the Only Answer
to Every Imaginable Problem
and Every Conceivable Grief and Complaint
Any Idiot in His or Her
Idiot Madness
can Understand
for this is The Innocence and Simplicity
According to
the Frank Reasoning
of a Little Child
but Stuck on Stupid
in the same Vain and Ignorant Mistakes
They Repeat
Over and Over
Over and Over
They Repeat
The Litanies of Atrocity and Hate
by Unloading All Their Unwanted Psychic Toxins and Wastes
and Dumping Them On You
Why should You
be Any Different? ALL should Suffer
as Miserably as The Sick Slaves of Society do! (And THAT Means
You and
And by Projecting
Their Beliefs in Limitation
and Sacrifice as True
and as Valuable as Advice,
This is something They expect You
to Pay Them Ridiculously For
They will Provoke You to Attack
Then Abandon You
to Shameful Condemnation
with Outrage
and Claim
that You Attacked Them First
So They were just Protecting Themselves……Sorry!
But Something Vital seems to Have Escaped Their Notice Now………
And Though They are Certain It will Destroy Them
If it can Find Them
They Don’t Quite Know
It Is/and Can’t Seem to Remember
Anything Much
Their Vile , Ghoulish Lusts and
Bottom-Feeding Appetites/
But They Are Attended Hauntingly in a Fall And Winter Hush
by the Steady Tick of
Beating Away Mercilessly
at their Consciences
and Sanity
and Deeply Disturbing
Their Peace of Mind
Speaking to Them in Reverent Whispers
through The Warped, Fiery Messages
of Shame , Self-Hatred,
Accusation, Guilt,
Attack and Counter-Attack
Which They Study Faithfully/Chapter and Verse/
and It is given to Little Children
to Make Up Horrible Stories
and Empower them with Belief
when They are Bored,
But Boredom is Precisely Why
The Savage Children of
Stark Raving Insanity
at All…../for They are Growing Tired
of Senseless Gluttony
and of Their Own Stupid
and Idiotic Thoughts/Which
are so Flooded With Boring
and Repetitive
Self-Righteous Nonsense
They just can’t Seem to Shut Out or Shake Out of Mind
so that This has Dulled Their Wits considerably
with a Wealth of Juicy Factoids
but containing Nothing Truly Enlightening at all…../
And So Mentally Undernourished
Their Neurotic Needs are grossly Over-Glorified/
and They Race so Desperately Around in Circles
Trying to get a Life
They Like/ so They can Feast
Lazily and Leisurely
on Their Own Self-Importance
and Starve and Drain Themselves
for Vain and Pompous Display of
Their Twisted Ideas About Love
and Sick Standards of Beauty/Which are Really
Ideals of Hatred
Thought with Dull, Witless Minds made sleepy
and Heavy with
dull thought
Over-Fed to Them Hideously Wrapped In Juicy Slaughter
produced by the Spoiling Mothers of Sick Self -Sustenance
who make sure They Leave Nothing Behind
but a Platter Licked Clean of The Butchered Meats
They call and Teach as Recipe
for the Buffet of Guilt and Hate
And Believing This Frightful
and Ghoulish Feast
is Honestly
They even Prize This in Vomit Form
as an Elixir to Relax
and Soothe Away Their Woes
and Too Weak
and Too Lazy
and Too Inactive with Over -privileged
Swirling, Spoiled,
Over-bloated Bellies/
Aching to Burst with Waste…/
The Sorry and Broken Slaves of Ignorance and Agony
Live Out Their Deluded
Vastly Over-Decorated
Self -Satisfied Lives
In Bitter Denial of the True Cost
Forever Escalating as Ever
with Shabbily Explained Dramatic New Expenses
to Remedy Their Nagging Guilts
Which won’t Go Away
and Leave Them Alone to Their Madness Undisturbed
by Realty/
So They can play the Game of Shame, Blame and Guilt
in The Movie of Death
with Grinning Skeletons of Dancing Spite Raging at the Borders of Their Limited Fantasies/
to Their Black-Hearted and Soulless ,
Sick Delights/
to Continue Acting Out Badly
and Playing Out Madly
The Savage Twisted Dreams and Fantasies of Madness,
Terror and Attack They
Learned as A Child
and now Still Children
They are Modern Day Monsters in the Hearts, Bodies and Minds
of Agents of Inhumanity
and Evil
Which are Power Drunk,
Sickly Fiending and
Headed Joyfully towards
Dragging Along a Surplus of
Needless War Toys
for The Final Ride…….
Eager to Preview Their Own Deaths/and Who Masses together
in a Pathetic Show of Strength
in Terror
and Seeking Unreasonable Protection
From What is Perfectly Harmless
to Them?/ The Army of the Powerless
Who Crave Only an Illusion of Power,
That’s Who.
And These Soldiers of Misfortune
and Insanity
take the Most Twisted Pleasure from Condemning You
and Crucifying Others
for Their Mistakes
because They Honestly Believe This
is how to Keep Their own Mistakes
Uncorrected and Hidden From View …
and Thus regard themselves as Sad Illusions
where Nothing
is True
or Right or Fair
and Seems to be
right Here and Now……
……….What You think
You See E v e r y w h e r e
and Everything You Think
You can see Now
Won’t Last/ Everything You Think
You Think
is Without Meaning/You cannot Think
Outside The Wall of Flesh
That Seems to Imprison Your Mind
to the binding Shining Chains of Time/You would Rather Age
Painfully Hideously Slow
and Die
rather than Accept Your Freedom
and be Alive
in The Silent Light
of Awareness
as a Part of The Peaceful Eternity
You Have Dreamed You Have Escaped from
Into A Miserable Never Ending Dream
of Darkness and Damnation
Forever Fleeing What You truly are
And need and Love/You would Rather
Die a Thousand Times Than
Accept True Love/willing
Only To Childishly Define
with a Limiting and a Limited
Kind of Mind
as what You
can Show Off to Seek the Approval of Total Strangers
rather Than What
You can Honestly
and Perfectly Relate
in Natural Harmony with/Yes/You are a Willing S l a v e
to Lies/and Having
No Mind of Your Own to speak of
You seek a Time Far off
in the Future
When Illumination Will Arrive/Denying
it s Radiant Benefits to You Right Now
in Favor of Your Own Limited Understanding
Not Understanding
That Your Understanding
is Not Necessary
for What Is True
to Be
So/You Are Only Really Free
when You are
Sick to Death
of Being A Slave/You will Only accept
Freedom when Willingly
You are actively Journeying
from The Grave/
For Death
being Nothing And only Really Nothing/
cannot Truly Illuminate /Ghoulish Ghost Churches
with Well- Dressed Death are not Worth
Celebrating/Rapid Decline must find its Opposite/How could Joy Be Otherwise?/Who
bands together In Desperation
and In Terror
Seeking Sick Protection
with a thousand years of Deception
from what Is Perfectly
Unaffected by and Harmless
to Them?
The Lonely
and Miserably Alone….
That’s Who!
The Savagely Deceptive
and The Raving Insane
That’s Who!
And These Sad and Sorry Slaves
in the Army of The Powerless
bid You to
Curse God and Die
in the Dark Rebellion Against The Light of Eternal Love
in the Name
you chose to Honor as Your Body and Your Idol and Your Bitter Image of Creation
Instead of God /thus Judging Cruel and Hatefully towards yourself in The Raging seething Blazing Assault of
D a r k B u r n i n g R a i n
From The Stormy Temples of Your Desire
as your Last and final Hope in Dead Dreams
of Godhood/and Mocking Hidden Inner Demons then Bid You with Seduction to
Curse God and Die/Curse God and Be Free/Really Free /to ride with Abandon the waves of Sacrifice and Stark Raving Insanity
Mocking His Creation
with Your Agony , Suffering and Misery/
Not Believing in God
because Low Self Esteem
feels Safer
and Not as Threatening to
Your Shabby little bitter beliefs
and Bleak Mental Constructs/And These Broken Sad and Beaten Slaves
In the Army of The Powerless that You are Afraid of
are Mindless in Their Madness and Hate
Made Mad and Blind with Sick Visions of Destruction and
of Disease /as Insanity
is The Name of The God They Now choose
to Serve /gorged on and Guilt -fattened in
Their Twisted Interpretations of Reality
They Live in a Mutating Maze of Complexity
Unable to even Navigate Themselves
through Their Own Devious Workings
Farting Out Loudly with Unconcern and Boredom
When Cross-Examined closely/
with Bellies still Bloated and ever Swelling
from the ever Sickening Feasts of Death and Lies/ and Still Aching to Burst
with W a s t e
These Broken Slaves of Stupidity and Brutality
Live Out Their Vastly Overpriced and Overdecorated
but Under -Appreciated
and Smug
Self-Satisfied Lives/Dull and Witless
Repetitive Clones
of Each Other/Highly Competitive, Envious
and Hostile
towards Each Other/Yet still seeking
Special Playmates to single out and to Obsess Over amongst Themselves
and call This Sick and Twisted Exchange of Guilt and Grief and Hostility
L o v e/And Not the Hellish
Miserable Agony
it Actually is/The True Cost
of Trophy-Love-for-Show
which The World Seems To Live For/but
Dies a thousand times over
Seeking Vainly
to possess/and The Sick children
of Guilt and Insanity / are Slaves of Hatred and Vanity …….. and Unrest
because though desperately They Seek for Love
They Hate that They can Never really Find or really Have It/And So They Attack
and Claim
That This is Tough Love
and They Use
and Claim
That This is Tough Love
and They Lie
and Claim
That This is Tough Love/Though It is Apparent In What They Create They don’t really
Know What Love is/But Publishing These Doctrines which Onlt Perceive
Condemnation, Self-Loathing and
Eternal Damnation
as Self-Help
and Making Themselves Millions, Anyway/Profiting Handsomely On The New Age
with Superficial Articles
and Artificial Effort/They Seem to be Spiritually Motivated and Inclined/
But Forgetting Sadly
That Light does not Pass Around a Collection Plate………
Light Only Illuminates the Mind/
Light does Not Cost Extravagantly……………
Light Only Heals/
Light will Not drain You or Your Bank Account………………
Light Only Loves/Love Only Gives /Light never Takes/and
has Nothing to do
with Expense,
Cost or Price as You Perceive It,/Always Free to Everyone Forever
being Free
of Such
Limiting Definitions/Being
by Definition, the opposite of Limitation
Where only A Changeless Reality can be
Shown/And where Love is T h e L i g h t
Through which
You See/and Only Endless Life and Beauty can be Known/In Your Original Home and State of
E T E R N I T Y/The Sorry Slaves of Agony Swear does not Exist/
But Still Remains
a Universal Wellspring
of Light and Hope /No One can
Sincerely Deny
They Want/and Will Always
Want to Have
Forever /but can too Easily be Distracted by
The Perishable Pleasures of The Flesh
and Its Quick,
Cheap and Easy Side/rather Than Regarding
The Body as Merely Neutral
and Only a Vehicle for The Higher Mind/You are Taught
Senselessly By a sick and hateful Society Built Chiefly on Slavery /and Brutal Self-Denial
to regard only the Surface /and Form/and to Regard the Flesh as a Sacred Temple/Ignoring Totally
The Limitless Power and Light
of Your Very Own
Mind/And Cruelly Oppressing, Misdirecting
and Badly Educating It
by Competition/Rather than
Freeing It Honestly
with Originality,
Vivid Creativity and
Authentic Self Expression,
Guilt and Accusation-Free/which Would
Unlock Its Timelessness to You/
and Free it From I n s a n I t y/
the Twisted and Demented Sick Slaves
of A g o n y
is Reality and True/and Not The Mad Illusions
They are Sadly Supporting
by Going Nowhere
in The Circular Illusion of Movement
Through Time/Wasting It and Themselves Hating
and Calling This Darkness
in the
D a r k B u r n i n g R a i n
of T i m e
which Though They also Swear
is Precious
They Squander and Waste Away
Miserably Enslaved
to A Petty Little Lifestyle
They Invest Themselves in Without True Profit of Heart
and Hence Actually
Impoverish Themselves /with Heartlessness/Weighted Down Heavily
in Yesterday’s Vision of Tomorrow/But
Actually Thinking They’ve Got It Right
and Believing
Quite The Reverse/So
That Their Dark Projected Visions
Everyone and Everything /within Their Spiteful and Jealous Sight/to keep their
MicroVersion of the Universe /
at War with Itself/and In
Constant Fighting/………
We Now Interrupt This Poem
for a Commercial Break…………….
“D e m o n s Need Love, too…….Didn’t You Know? `Cause The Bible
tells Me so……
and I’m a Bible Belt Bitch
from South Hell
So I should know…….
So I should know…. Demons Need Love, too ! DEMONS NEED LOVE, TOO,
Didn’t You know? Yes………Love for the Demons, All The Demons in Hell…….
They Especially Need Your Love and Care……..Demons of DARKNESS, HATRED
for Love is
what Inspires All Demons to Play
Delightful Childish Games of Make-Believe
and make their Own Hellish Work
that Much Less
a Slavish Toll
for Them
with All The Amusement
Your Selfishness and Vanity provides/
Bitterly Mocking
Your Shame is What gives Demons Fresh Laughter
Cherishing every mistake You ever made
Demons Laugh at You for Spite and Hate
That You don’t even Understand Them /You’re So Ignorant it Makes You Sick
Stupid, Lazy and Weak
And Demons Love You In This State
For Here You Welcome F E A R ! Open -Hearted-ly
with Love / and Call to its Pain and Ugliness
with All Your Desires……………
Yes, Demons Need Love,
Too , with
WEST HELL’S Most Precious Nectar
Served You…
(“Got Guilt?”)
Now Drink Up, Kiddies..
is a Natural….. It Helps to Build up
Super- Low Moral
and Low Self -Esteem
a primary Source of Malnutritous
Worth and Value
Sweet and Savory,
Non-Fattening and O -So-Flavory ,
(“Got Guilt?”)
We Now Return
to Our Regularly
Scheduled Poem……….
* * * *
You are taught Mindlessly/
by a Sick and Hateful Society of Parasitic Liars/Modeled Chiefly on Slavery
The Twisted Litanies of Atrocity and Hate/Which You are Taught to EQUATE with The Insane Idea of Your Survival with Desperate Living/ which You will never truly Measure up to though You are Free to Try/……And Die Trying/Acting Out Nothing In Sick Rituals Designed
to Preserve and Maintain Your Sense of Threat……./And Keep It Safely Hidden From You/
This Keeps You Ever in Terror of It/But IF Y o u QUESTION The Witnesses to Fear Honestly
You Will See Clearly They Are Blind/and Know Nothing
but What You Wish of
In the Darkness of Your Blackest Fantasies / In the backrooms of Your Mind…
Where Skulls in Luminous Orbit
B l a z e
and Bid You
Curse God and Die!/Here
in The Most Deceptive
of suffering Lies
an Illusion of Love and Pleasure so Deceptively Sweet it will surprise You
It is You Who offers This gift of nothing to You
Offered You
Through Your Very Own Flesh/Blood of Your Blood/
Bones of Your Bones /Beating Back Hope and Seething in the Sick Dread of Your Breath/
And It is You who are Now Demanding Sacrifice and Death/Not God/and So
You ‘Die”
because of the “sins”
That You Have Learned/Convinced
It’s The Stink of Death You Want /and That Heaven is
Not For You/…..Convinced
It’s the Stink of Death You Deserve/and That Heaven is
Not For You/………You Pray to A Tin God
You Hate /and Do Not believe In
because at least You can control Safely
Not Getting what You want/and Then You Can Take Your Hate and Faithlessness
and Make of It a Holy Cause/as A Miserable Sinner
What More Could You Expect
but Unfailing Disappointment, Unrelenting Resentment
and Profound Bitterness?/since Heaven is Not For You
Heaven is Not for Anyone !/so Eat, Drink and Be Merry Now
For Tomorrow is Not Promised /And You
Might as Well
Resign Yourself totally
to A Living
Everlasting Hell/Why give A Damn at all
when It’s All going to go to The Worms?/when God is Dead
and Life is Death Why Waste Life with Concern?/A Predator is Inconsiderate By Design so Consume , Consume, Consume !/
The Law of Survival is The Law of The Jungle so
Consume , Consume, Consume!/….
(and This Means e v e r y t h i n g In Sight,
For Material States of Pleasuring
Instant Gratification
Such as This
Are Easily Satanic by Design)
And Who
Bands together in Desperation
in Terror
Seeking Only
The Sickest of Protections
from What is
to Them
AND their Furious Feverish Projections ?
The Lonely and
The Miserably Alone ,
That’s who !
The Deceptive
and The Raving Insane,
That’s who !
And These Lonely Hearts of darkness
are now beckoning You
On Their Ravenous New Crusade
for Human Sacrifice
with which
Can Lay
Themselves Down In Death
At The Altars of their Defeated Sick and Starving EGOS
Splattered decoratively
and Bathed Saturated in Innocent Blood/And Delirious and Deranged
They Love to Smear This all Over Their Naked Bodies
proudly Declaring thus; They’ve Seized The Day/
And Though They Themselves Are Unconvinced
of This Delusion/They Merely Deny They add to This Confusion /As Confusion
follows Upon Confusion Here /
And their own Deluded efforts at Penance only Gives way
to Resignation/ so They Say: “What The Hell?
We’ll Eat Our Fill
of Guilt, Death and Decay……………. Anyway!”
And Eat it
and Hate it
AND Confuse This for
They Do/Deluded And Bent on Proving
Their Sick Delusions , Sad but True…../Crude
of Being
Unbefitting You
or I/We who Find Ourselves
In Our Lonely Journey Away from and Outside
Society / Behold! Our Joyous Journey into The Light!/
Enter into The Light
with Me/ Enter
Into The Light………/here ,
D a r k B u r n i n g R a i n
RAPIDLY Melt away
Their Actual
Meaningless Nothingness
Before Your very Eyes/and You
Accept The Truth Finally
of What You Are/Here You are Perfectly at One
with The Cosmic Plan
For Your Salvation / ( Close/ so Close At Hand…./)
and The Redemption You have so Often Resisted and Denied/Here You Are
Forever Free
And Forever Here
You are
Alive/And In
The Immortal Light of
Your Own Beautiful Creation
is your Indestructible Star of Power
and Forgotten Home in
Eternity Eternally Awaiting You/so be Patient in What Appears to You as Trying Times/……..You Are not Alone/
I am here Beside You/You Are Not Alone Now/I ‘m By Your Side/Fear Not The Darkness/
I AM T H E L I G H T/…….
and Be The Light of The World
with Me /Love,
and be The Light of The Galaxy…./
and Light the Heart of The Universe
with Me/
The Wall
of Time
with Me “………../for
It is
we Desire
on the Other Side /`Cause Here
On The Dark Side
of Reality We
Are Burning Up Alive/Sanctified in The Insanity
of A Molten Baptist Overview/And Scathingly
Hot and Blazing
Black with Hatred and Condemnation In The Guilty Fires of Hell
And Not
The Peaceful Waters of Heaven/Baptism by Hellfire is Religiously Applied to The Dim Witted Masses By The Dark Apocalyptic Word Primarily Comprised of High Insanity,
Deathist -Doctrines and Elitist Lies
Fraudulent Self-Programming to Die/and Offer This Lovelessly /to A Whole Delusional World/
Hated and Cursed By It/ and So Baptized
By Fire
Not Water
We / Here / On the
Dark Side
of Reality
Beg for Our lives
in The
Dark Burning Rain
of Ceaseless Desires/The Sickness of Perception
placing Us Seething And Screaming
in The Blazing Flames
of Nearly
Bottomless Depths
And Fiery Black Holes
of Purgatorial I n f e r n o s……………….
and Right Now It is Raining Flaming Death Down
on Those
Poor Unfortunate Souls
You Have Denied Your Forgiveness FOR What You See as Sins In them (They Are so very
Black Inside
Because of Them, Right ?)
If so You Suffer
Hellishly Right along Beside THEM!/
And Quite Proud of Your Unnecessary Self–Sacrifice
Right Miserably along Beside The Ones You Condemn
And It Is from This; Your Own ” Inescapably Guilty ” Laughably Fragile Self -Concept
You Must Be Saved From/If You Would Know and Trust
The Loving Sanity
of The Light/……
Join Me
On The Dark Side
of Reality
and We
shall be
For Only Together can We Complete
The Joyous Task To Awaken Ourselves to The Shining Worlds of Love
and Be Glad/and Only Together in The Perfect Peace of Creation
Can We Know and Love
The Light /……./The Light of Love and Truth and Power is Really
Not Exclusive/………
This Great Giving Light
was Meant
HEAR in this, The Holy
For Deathlessness I,
as an Agent
of Radiance Inspire of You/The Call To Your Own Beautiful Immortal Life /
The Recognition of Your Natural Power and Light/
THIS is Your Potential /
Take Heed/ This is No Fantasy/
No Seeds of Falsity
or Deception
can Appeal
or Conspire Easily
to Attract You
to Such Nothingness
Beside You
and the
Ones You Love/……
You Have
been Shown
Through A Vision
Not Limited by Time or Space
Far Too Much
to doubt
where You
would Dedicate Your Faith /I, Your Inspiration
Channeled what
An Honest and Open Mind
of Old Dead Perception
Understand and Appreciate
( And Not Those Vastly Curtailing Beliefs
in Disguises
so Lovely You
Would Never Surmise They Mean You Death )/
And All That I,
Your Inspiration
want for You
is for
You To Help Me Free The Dark World
to the Light/So
Join Me With The People
On The Dark Side
of Reality/ For We
Shall Give The People
All the Holy Gifts of Light/We
Shall Gift
The People
With X -Ray Eyes/……
and The People
to Use Their Opened Eyes
to See
will look Calmly with True Vision into The Dark Workings of Society
and Then , The People who Claim to Lead Them
and Serve This Cause Will be Seen For
The Miserable Slaves and Petty Psychic Parasites That They Are/………And We will Try…………….Earnestly to Guide and not Deny Them /Though They will not do the Same /…
For as Saviors of Love and Vision
We Are Not Apart
From Them/….
And Because
Their Pain
is Also Ours/ To Lovingly Heal The Souls
Who are Faithful to and Believe in Hell
is To
Also be Faithful
to and
Heal Ourselves/Because
To Love
and Heal Our Enemies
As We Define Them ALSO
is to Love and Make Whole
and Heal Ourselves/So Having
Ostensibly Suffered
For Being Fucked-up and Deprived,
On the Fringe of Society
and On
The Outside
of a Vast Mainstream Lie
can Rise
the Rubble Easily
When This Sick Society Inevitably
Collapses In
On Its own Corrupt and Rotten
Weight/And Self-Destructs Totally/This is
The Party
We Were All Born For /But Those of Us Who Know This
seem Like Freaks
Though We are Freaked
By The Dullness of Conformity/or else We ‘re Just Freaked
by The Idea of Slavery/and We are
not Slaves/We are Free……/We’re Not Enraged……/We are
are Not Slaves, you See/We
Are Pleased/WE are Not Enslaved to Sick Ideas so We
are Free…../And Advocate Freedom/And Clearly We See The Truth
of how Murderously Oppressive
Our seemingly “Great Nation”
really is/And In The Politics
of The World of Death We Offer No Opinion/and some Blame The Niggers for The Nation’s Troubles/and Some Blame The Faggots and the AIDS/Others Blame a lack of Church and The Influence of Jesus/……..Their Version of a Sick Idolatry Preaching Only The Hour of Their Deaths………/And Still Others Blame The President’s Sex Life/And Some
Blame Pamela Anderson’s Breasts/And Some Blame a Lack of Gun Control from Their own
Cold and Spoiled White Brats/and Others Blame Just for The Hellish Fun of it /And Still Others Blame Our Great Culture Raping Nation For Having Too Many Foreigners Yet/ ( A Country Founded on Treachery , Murder and “Foreign Slave Labour” has too many Minorities? All This Reveals Are the True Minorities, hiding behind an Intolerant and Shabby Morality, Designed Especially For Vain, Lying Braggarts And Thieves)/…But it is Not Blame We Seek for, But Love, Laying Blame Aside For Peace and Happiness/…..
And The Twisted Sad and Demented Sick Slaves
of Agony
actually Believe
that 10-10-3–2–1
will comfort Them
In their Dire Hour of Need/ (……..This They’ve Learned from CNN!)/
Even Though There’s
No One
for Them to Reach Out and Touch/And No One
Who would really Want
To Reach Out and Touch Them/And They Don’t Even Get
That it’s That No one Wants To Hear
Their Complaints
Anymore/and That No One Really Cares about What They Saw
On The Jerry Springer Show /and Nobody’s Really
Listening To Howard Stern/Or Really
Watching MTV anymore/For The Spoils of this Great Nation of “Democracy’
are beginning very Simply
to Stink and Reek from The Rotting Self- Importance / of the Foolish and The Weak/
The Twisted Warped
and Attention Starved Mindless Ego Slaves Who
are Savagely Seeking/For Power In their Powerlessness /Searching Out Only
Devastation, Death
and the Twisted Gifts of Grief and Envy/So Beseeching Them
We Plead
Only These
Urgent Messages
That “Its No Fun to Be Sick and Confused,
And It’s No Fun to Be Enraged and Insane…….
And It’s No Fun to Gossip Cruelly and Tell Vicious Lies
And It’s No Fun to
Be In Unbelievable Pain.’
and They’re Just Not Talking
about The Increasing Intolerance
In America……..
(Perhaps Midwestern White Denial Vs. New England White Denial Vs. Southwestern White Denial
Vs. North Western White Denial Vs. Southern White Denial Vs. West Coast White Denial Vs.
East Coast White Denial…….Once a white Person told Me
unbelievably…..that I had better Watch “Eye On the Prize” on PBS and Learn More about My Roots…
As a Person of Color and Mixed Race
I am tired of This Bullshit….I am related to White , Black, Red and Tan…… I am a True American
So Black Only is Frankly Just Not My Own Personal Experience…..Sorry, MotherFuckers, I got 31 Flavors
and All You Want is Chocolate!!! SO Sorry to Disappoint You but
I Just don’t Get It …..Am I supposed to Relate To 200 year old Visions of Negro Slaves In Chains ?
That is The Past., Baby. Let’s Leave It there ……Why Do Some White People Think They Know More about My Roots Than I? They Are Challenged by My Melanin and Make Up a Whole unreal Set of False Associations to project to Give Me Meaning….They Are Always thrown That I have A Brain. The Really Arrogant Ones Take A Long Time To Figure This Out. I am Not In Denial About My Roots , But A Lot of White People Are, Never Considering How I’m Related To Them. They See Other. I See Same. What’s Going On here? I can Be , In All Honesty , A Fine Critic of The So Called White Race, Loving Them as I Love all The Flavors ,And Being Able to See Through My Dealings With Them to Their Micro-Insecurities . Guess What? They Are Human, You Know. Anyone can Get Insecure. Fear is Not Appropriate for Ethnicity .. We Are All The Children of The Earth… but I Identify Most with My Extraterrestrial Ancestors….. I have Always Known I am A Child Of The Stars. This Dippy Little Pimple of A World is Nothing Compared to the Rest of The Galaxy …Once A Black
Person Told Me That I was an Uncle Tom. Most Black People Just Think I’m A Wannabe Michael Jackson Clone, or a Prince Reject of some Sort…Ten Years of this Bullshit Still has Not pressured Me to Conform. I’m a self Acknowledged , Well Adjusted Freak. But I’m Not Totally Insensitive to People’s Rude and Senseless Nastiness Opinions Are like Assholes in New York City … Everyone’s Got One….Anyway I Do
not bother to Defend What Clearly Needs No Defense . I just find it Interesting That with My Truly Universal Perspective Everyone Seems to Hate Me….In a Country as Racist as America it is The Oddest For Me to Note That Black People have been Nastiest to Me. So I understand Perfectly When
White People Fuck Each other Over That hatred is Really Not About Race, which Technically does not even exist. You don’t See Different Color Animals of the Same Species Whacking each Other The Way We Do…….I Always Find it Hilarious
when White People have to Ask Me what My Race is …..”Human,” I reply Smoothly……”No, Seriously…”………..”Mixed.”…….”Really? Me, too. Part Irish, Part Italian, Part Jewish, Part French..” ……”But Those Are Nationalities , Not Ethnic ities….Jesus , I’m Not That Stupid….How is That I get to Just Be Black to you while Your Fish Belly White Ass gets to Be Mixed ?….These Conversations are so Stupid that They make My Head spin! Once Another Black Person said to me, Upon checking out My Metal Cyberpunk Regalia , “We Came Over in Chains, You Know.”…. With My Quick Witted Smart Mouth I smiled And Replied, “Personally, I came Over in A 747..”)
And They’re Just Not Talking About
Their Extinction Level Event
Annihilation Fantasies
Breeding Dark Futures
in their Hateful and Twisted
Little Minds
Because What They Do
They Believe God
will make Them Pay
in Death Anyway…..So
Why Perish into Nothingness Alone
When They can Die
Happily Knowing
The Blast Radius of Their Own Destruction
will wipe out other People
too?/……..And while They
Have their Black Celebrations
where The Worshiping of Life
is The Worshiping of Death
They Catalog All the
Minor Vexations
That They Claim Gives Them Unrest/This is How They Suffer Best/This is How
They Waste their Breath /This is How They Worship Death/Worship Death/ Worship Death/
This is How/They Waste their Breath Suffer Best Worship Death/
and Too
Invested In Celebrating Death They
Close Their Eyes
to The Hell They Are Creating Every Day Denying
That They Are in Pain
and rotting away slowly
From The Inside
of A Deranged Society Designed
to Strip and Rape Them of Their Identity
Then Cruelly Harvest
Their Souls while Convincing Them to Deny Their Minds With the Rotting Psychic Compost of Fear
Densely Covering The Endless Love and Light
They Really Are
with The Illusions of a Personal Truth Different From All the Rest/And What They Call
Really Just The Illusion
of Different Truths Clashing
and Competing For Dominance /And In their Eroding-Away-To-Nothing Worlds of
Ever -Changing Truth and Certain Death
They Celebrate
the Endless Death
of Nothing
beginning With Their Own then Giving This Vision
a Universal Application/…….
And America is
The Land of the Free/And Home of the Bold
and The Brave/And America
is the Land of the White/and the Home
of the Strange and the Grave/And America
is the Death
of the Unique /and The Grave
of the True and The Brave/And America
is the Land
of the Elite/and The Home of
the Slave
to The Wage/……………And They’re Just Not Talking
Increasing Intolerance Here
In America
or The dismantling of Welfare, Social Security and
The Draining of Health Care
(Now Managed
so Much More Competently
B y Insurance Salesmen)
And They’re Not talking
about The Media either
Now Long Since
Sinister Control of The Government and Big Business
with True Freedom of the Press
a long dead Lie/And Over-glorifying The Police
on Cheap TV has Made them a Dubious
Racist and Over-violent Source of Law Enforcement
with The Law now at the Whim of a Fractured and Senile Judgement/And Old and Stale
and Bitter in a World
Shrinking Painfully
in the
Dark Burning Rain
of Change
all around them
They Find themselves
Near the End
of a Reigning Society
Eroding to Rot and in Rapid Decline
Because They Never Really Understood Their Own Savage History
Though They Revere It
And So They Come To Understand Finally
They have Always been Alone
their Self-Created Hells/……..And That No One Can Save Them From Their Own Suicides/……
This is What They Want and Will/So They Spend The Rest of their Dwindling Days and Lives
Being Bitter
yet Lovingly Calling on Death/
And They fast
Become Living Zombie-like Stone Age Relics
Who Dwell In
Insanely Over-Sterile
Mini-Museums /with Dull but Expensive Exhibits
Vainly Displayed
Where They Would Live and Call
Their Homes
and Thrones/Though it is really
They Have on Display
but The Defiled Graves of Ancient Cultures
and Civilizations,
Which Ghoulishly They Hoard like Gold/And Thus Are They
Enslaved by
What They Own/……
and This Why They Age
and are Withered So by Time
and get so
Hideously Old /and You are Being Taught and shown Better
In Advance /So You can
Learn and Share My Freedom Totally to
this fate
You ‘d Feel
Safer sadly
Investing These No-Brain
Idiotic Notions
with Your Faith….
That Light and Darkness are Eternally
At War/……….That You Cannot Have Life
Without Death/………That You cannot have Love
without Guilt/………./That You Cannot Have Peace
without Fear/………And That You Will Have Less
by Giving More/…….
Then My Message of Blazing Light
to You
Will Seem Quite Insane/Yet
another part of YOU Will See
T h e L I g h t
as More Than Reasonable / It is This Part
That I
Your Inspiration
Have Business

26, January -21, June 1999

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