Dark Burning Rain and Other Poems I'm Not Afraid of The Dark


____________________________(for JC)


Paper Hearts
are as Easily cut
as Stainless Steel
when Burned Up by the Fire…
It’s Cinder-Come-Easy,
Love’s Easy Ash
and All too simple
to make Judgement
without having prior Experience
(simply Project
Your Own Perceived Value
and Focus the
Beyond That Much I
cannot Say..
My Sincerity is My Acceptance
My Perseverance is My Compassion
and My Masochism belongs to You…


Last Night
.When Dark Birds of Doubt
Clouded the Moon
Shielding the Orchids of Stars
in My Eyes
allowed You access,
where You simply
Broke My Heart.
Used and Poorly-Spent
I was Cold.
So Winter filled the Vacuum,
Deep Snow filled my Frosting Lungs
and Ravens fluttered
from My Hands
As I let them peck
the Pearls of Tears
from the Gore-Holes
of My Eyes…

19, June 1991

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