Dark Burning Rain and Other Poems I'm Not Afraid of The Dark

Burning Secret

(Written in a Dark Whirl)

The Insidious Secrets
of Blood
are Sealed
behind My Lips/..
Dark, dripping..
Sleek, rippling…
Twisting and Driving
Drilling and Burrowing,
and Bulging Obscenely/..
Something is Moving Between These Lines../..
Something is Coming/..
Coming Quickly/..
It is filled with Bad Blood
—-boil, boil,
It Swirls with Something Rotted./Spoiled Liquids
Be-fouled with
Viral Juices,
Seething in Fever/….

The Insidious Secrets of Skin
are Sealed
around my Bones,
bleached White
like Light./Black like Mine/.
Black like Eyes/…
Black Skinned Bastards!/Yours and Mine!/..
Whip Me,
Beat Me,
Eat Me Alive!

(…..a nigger You are Born, a nigger You shall Die!…..)

The Insidious Secrets of Flesh
are Sealed
inside My Mind,/and
I am Deaf, Dumb and Blind here/
Dumb and
Deaf in My Body/..
An Unfinished Work of
Metal and Iron and Fire and Ice/…

These Secrets Locked
(Fire and Ice, Fire and Ice)

Behind My Lips
(Scorched Secrets
make Me
Kiss The Whip)
These Secrets Locked
behind My Teeth/
Clacking and Clipping
and Hissing
and Chattering from This Skull I call My Face/…
Leering at You like Some Frightful Death’s Head
when I look at You/..
Laugh at You/.
Look at You/..
Laugh at You/
My Lungs,/ Pulsing,/..
Swell and Inflate in My Chest
Like a Perfect Horror of Breasts/..

The Insidious Secrets of Semen
are Sealed
in Darkness
Between My Thighs/..
And In My Blood
And In My Mind/..
It could Be Anywhere
It could Be Anywhere
It Could Be Everywhere/…
Such Plague and Pestilence
Ticking Quietly Under Oceans of Blood/
Swimming like Dark
Deadly Schools of Sharks/
Filling Me with Something Rotten,/
Something Rank, and Best Forgotten/Splashing Me
with Viral Juices/
Be-fouling and Disgracing Me
Before The Holy
Healing Muses/
Antibacterial Spiral Ruses
Chopping Me Up
And Cutting Me Down/
Cuts Me like a Statistical Slice
of African American Apple Pie
Baked from The JungleBrothers’ Jig-A-Boo Hides
By The Other JungleBrothers’
(Black Like Mine)
Black Holes Eye these Cultural Lies/
And Laugh at the Devil Inside Him Relative


Blood Brothers Darken in Image Negatives


and Laugh at the Devil in His Affirmative


“Who Shall He Tell that He’s HIV+”


(-(—-A Nigger You are Born, A Nigger You will Die,—-)-)

And These Insidious Secrets
are Skeletons
I Seal
Behind My Closets of Shame, if
I should Happen to Grimace In Guilt/and
I can Tell You
with Lips Locked,/
Teeth Flaring Whitely
behind Them
like Fangs
which Snap and Crack
and Shatter and Grind

Something Unspeakable/…

17, August 1993
Chinatown NYC, USA

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