Nasty Little Creatures

An Immaterial Witness for Illuminated Minds

A Spirit is/Not Yours
to Defy/A Spirit Is Not/yours
to Deny/A Spirit is Not yours/
to Define/You have no power
that manipulative material lines
can truly ensnare or
entwine you in/You have
no slavery
authoring your mind/
and no material
substantial enough
to script your
Forever../the given
means are too
fragile/and too temporary
and too weak
to sustain
the Eternal Truth
of your Timelessness/
the eternal truth/is
holy spirit
of light within/
your whole mind/
you this/a separate self/and selfish lie of life/You Need
an Immaterial Witness of
you/A Perfect Mirror of Truth/incorruptible and incapable of lying/
yet not of you/
or the mess you
have made
with all your wasted
time/bitterly pissing
your freedom away/with lies/with self denial/
with time
you wasted endlessly defining
your limitations/only replicating limitation/the time
you wasted/defining your limitations/and creating
only/the lame ridiculous rationale for your
wrongminded choices/and all for your own
miserable chains of enslavement/but the problem of your making is
the answer you’re not taking
too busy
faking your reactions
to real life/–too busy faking it
to make it/you must unmake this sad delusion
of prison/and life
that you
gift with existence in your mind/you must
undo all the prisons of perception
wasting your time
endlessly in pettiness of
interpretation of creation/
in the useless excercises of suffering
and sickness/in the
Unholy Temple of Self Denial/An Immaterial Witness/you need this/bout
fitting this
fucking freedom fist
all the way
up that sweet
puckering asshole/of a brainwashed
braindead fascist fuckwit/
too willing to spell out the
crime/too petty and weak
to do the time/too split
in the fucking heart and
the fucked up mind/too indecisive
and Made Batshit crazy/….
because of the lies/.
because of the pride/..
because of the arrogance/…
and goal of domination
fueled vainly
by Hollywood Bitch Crimes/All Because of The Lies
Privilege Sold You
all the Time/All because of the Lies/Privilege Told You
all the Time/all because of the Lies/
because of the Lies/because of the lies
Prvilege always moulds you/in/ all the time/and because of the
Inequality you dream of
and desire/That teaches you
Your Inequality/
/You don’t want privilege/You don’t need/You
Do Need
an Immaterial Witness/YOU WITLESS BITCH/this
is required/in your dire
fired up/Tired Nightmares/dementia
phobia and neurosis
all dressed up as
real life/just like this one/and monstrous/Material
Witnesses are all fake
flaky/freaked out
control freaks/
and sneaky
two faced
liars/Are you
a material girl
your material
got sold/and old/fast!/and mouldy/
month old
dead kipper/you cheap
Hollywood Stripper/and Your Material
was all faked and stolen/so your material scream of agony
won’t last
you SWOLLEN Bitch/You’re Rolling
in stolen bullshit/and will suffer
for all your lies/and crimes/in time/
you defy/their petty prisons of guilt
built so high/
built so high/
with terror and fear both
in your sad little material mind./ You need
an Immaterial Witness
to strip you of
of your witless flesh and bone
nonsense/You need an Immaterial Witness
to strip you of your witless petty
bitch business/involving desire
domination, deception
and petty focus on distracting
Political Correctness/Please
BITCH/all these
sick mental twists
for nothing/only serve the hellish
evil purposes
they ostensibly champion
with the denial of honest spiritual fire./Why
do you ask Racists
Sexists and Homophobes
even if they are famous
to come sit at my Table of Love,
Mother Africa?/Just because
They’re Rich?/You Stupid Black Bitch!/Why Do you
let Homophobia
tie your hands down/Pants Down/all the time,
Mother Africa?/As Racists, Sexists and Homophobes
have always done?/Just Because
They’re Rich?/You STUPID BLACK Bitch/Why BITCH/Why?/Because
you are a lazy
fucking whore/spreading your legs wide
that’s why/
for all that laughable
tiny white
corporate cock/thanks a lot/Sucking
on that all dusty old
white biblical dick/bitch
You could rule
the Nile/and should!!!/Instead you want to serve
the cause of complete self denial
chasing a mummified
materialistic dream/of white domination
to really surprise a material witnesses
called sanity./ALL sane
substantial minds
are equal and have the Universe
to share./the Dreamers
who dare
to dream in Dreamtime
only really
dare to wake up from
the dream/not keep
dreaming/wake up from
this sick dream/and stop
dreaming it/learn
at long last/
and for all time/Dreams do not satisfy
Awakened and
Enlightened minds/Materialistic lies teach
and Inequality/Systematically
Materialistic Lies of
Inequality always finds/The Inconvenient Truths of
Revolutionary Times/..

31 October 2017

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