Dark Burning Rain and Other Poems I'm Not Afraid of The Dark

A Prayer In The Kingdom of Satan

is a Prayer______ For the Final Hour/…
For Our Lady of Steel Talons/I do not have a Vehicle../
The Mistress of Circumstances Beyond Our Control/…
Our Lady of Sweet Flowers/pray with Us/splattered in the blood of Christ/is seething
in Red Agonies____in this Prayer
For The Final Hour/Drawn Breath on Wind________Takes Angels Wings/
Through The Skin of Teeth/In Secrets Most Revealed/A Tongue Lashing’s Light when
When We Pray/To The Motor/That Winds Up/To The Engine/that Turns
The Omnipotent Fiery Wheel of Heaven
Around and Around
Around and Around
These Black Clouds Circle the Sun’s Fire and
Dresses The Light in Eternal Darkness/Black Silken Cottony Plugs/
which can be Said to Shimmer/which can be said to Glitter/with Constellations/
For Those In Need of Time and Space and Judgement/That Can Be Said to Trap Souls
in Dreaded Flesh/that can be said to Trap Spirit
In Rotting Meat/to Limit Desire/
There are no Cautions in Visual Wind of Terrifying Illusion
_____________________________This Universe is A Nightmare
to Drive My Mind
to Distraction ____In This Final Hour_____I Pray with The Angels/..
_______________We Fly From These Bodies
Whirling in dust, spinning, ____________in blue lights torn
from The Mathematical Construction of 3 Dimensional Forms/Whirling
from A Geometry of spinning Shapes Trapped
Spiraling Down the Blackest
Gravity Well of Time I got
the Hell out of here I said
to Our Lady of Steel Talons/…
_________________________She Smiles Silver Chills…..
On a Platitude of Sin and and Ounce of Guilt
Does Miracles For Masochists in Eternal Damnation
As Painful As It Feels
I Thrust My Hand into The Burning Petals of The Fiery Flowered Wreath
Christ Hangs on The Graves of My Ancestors/”Oh
can you see?/my country
tis of thee”?/
Molten Beasts are Bursting, and Begging,
They Lick My Hand/Shadow Creatures/Shining Features/In The Darklands where
I do not have a vehicle/I will not make one available/
In The Flesh/In This Mess
Our Cars have stalled/A Traffic Jam to Heaven/We Scream
Our Hearts are Black and Clogged With Terrors/Which Reek a Putrescent Aroma/…
Like death I fear
is now upon Us/I Sing With Fountains,
Sparkling Sunlight, Spilling Heaven from My Throat/..
It is The Beautiful Voices/..
I am Pain__________Released
and Sorrows Wiped
clean I
ask you
Lady of Flowers in Christ, His Mistress of Circumstances Beyond Our Control to
Accept This Gift
In My Torment/A Creation in
Forgiveness is Easier
When Freed from Breath
When Freed from Flesh
When Freed from Death I do not have The Keys to The Kingdom to
Drive My Engines Clean

I’m Not Afraid of The Dark #78
1, May 1991
Lower East Side NYC, USA

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