Dark Burning Rain and Other Poems I'm Not Afraid of The Dark

A Hot Cup of Darkness

in Seething Purity/
are Deities/
such Divinities/Mine Holy Hosts fall
Grieving Empty Icy Ghosts/such Frost White Truth/doth
Sanitize Thee/
Burn Me/Clean Me/Energize Me/
Burns Me/Cleans Me/Energizes
Ah/Heaven/Heaven O/Heaven O Healing/
Ah/Heaven/Heaven O/Heaven So Healthy
touch. my toes. dance. on the cieling. of this. bright mirth.
in the light. birth.. that’s my. sanity thoust


Ah/Heaven/Heaven O/Heaven
Please Help Me
prayers to Passing Messengers En Route
to Passing Senators En Route to Winged Ambassadors
En Route to Golden Arcing Gates
which Open in Democracy /now Held in Clear Philosophy/ which guides Thine Self Autocracy/Transcending
Worn Biology/
Disseminating Energy/ Rengerating Memory
Within This Skull Aflame with Brainwaves/


I am the Crucified Christ/Enabled
I am The Elegant Falling Angel/
Grieving and Embittered.. but I forgive You/
Wiser and Releasing because I love you/


I am the Elegant Falling Angel/I am a Servant of the God Uranium/
I am a Mystic of The Goddess Neptunium/
With Eyes Outside My Blazing Eyes/
My Vision is Hot. Clean. Penetrating
and Cathartic/
Piercing in Its Keeness. Clarity and Sharpness
which Slices to the Heart of Darkness/You can have and hide No Secrets from Me/Dear Precious, Precious,
Unformed Heavy Metal Headed Youth/There is Nothing Unseen from These Dark Burning Eyes/as We Play Act
Doll Housing in a Ridiculous Mockery of Meats and Skins./
This Flesh and Bone Nonsense is Most Irritating/tests my Patience/I want to see who you Really Are/
Down to the Bone/Pure Spirit in The Hellfire
of My Appraisal/Critical Mass Visionary/Perception Ground Zero

Let there Be Light

to Herald My Arrival/I am Your Saviour The God Plutonium/You asked for That which whence I came/called
Upon My Infernal Names/You asked for Thee and Hence I came
A Black Djinn
Conjured/ from The Stench
of Your Sulphurous Denials/Delusions/the Mists of Your Corrupt Dreams/Your Twisted Fantasies/
Your Sick Imaginings/Your Guilt/Your Greed/Your Faithlessness/ Your Burning Secret Desire
to Self Destruct/

This Elegant Falling Angel requests Your Present Company Tonight
At Nine/in His Abysmal Infernal Abode/to warm You from cold logic.
cold comfort. cold heaven/ to Heat You from those Ice Age Angels/snuggle You
From The Arctic Frost Bourne Winds in Heaven’s Kingdom/
Come/ Sit with Me/by the Roaring Toasty Hellfire/Over
a Hot Cup of Darkness/
We have much in Deed and Dream
to give chat/In the manner and idea of thought which Cannot Be Put to Words/that
Rhyme there/In The Dark Air/of Your Mind/in Concentration/Warmed
in Open Celebration/
I am the Optimal God Plutonium/EVERYONE DIES/EVERYONE DOES/”You will Not Be Saved by The Father’/
I am The Optical God Plutonium/EVERYONE LIES/EVERYONE DOES/”You will Not Be Saved by The Sun!”/
EVERYONE DIES/EVERYONE DOES/I am Your Ultimate God Plutonium/
I am The Intelligent Falling Angel
/I am Your GodHead/Ablaze in Brainflame/Listening to A Scream
as a Butterfly Dies/Listening to the Great Pained Words
of The Wise/
Listening to the Grief blackly filling
Your Eyes/Dear Precious Precious
Unformed Heavy Metal Youth/This Body Rapture Seeking Light and Love and Truth/
Through Living Flesh/A Living Proof/I will Save You
Future Fear/ I will Save You
Future Tears/
You are Only Just as Blind as Misinvested Faith/
You were Only Meant to Heal from The Body’s Age Wraiths/
And You are Only Just As Free as You Concieve/
ind You are free from The Effects/
of Your Guilty Regrets/Everlasting
As I dare now thus Reveal/
You are only just as Sick
as Your Darkest Secrets/.

11, November 1993
Chinatown, NYC
I’m Not Afraid of The Dark #36
F i n n e g a n

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