I'm Not Afraid of The Dark

A Cold Cup of Heaven

For Dameon

Automatic Writing is Heaven
is in Bed/
is Automatic Fire to the Lips of Leaking Intelligence/
What You are Thinking
is Probably What am I thinking of/
sitting Next to This Abserce of Darkness/
So Said. So Sad/ Makes it So/
Makes Do. Makes Miracles whip
around in My SkyFilled Skull/
Splits Open Bubbles of Skin/
(Bubbles of Popping Hideous Sins)
Spitting Up a Mouthful of Lies/
Spitting Open a Mouthful of Denial/
Spitting Open a Mouthful of Flies/
I Speak of No Such Rotteness/My Mouth is Neither Bloodied/
Nor Stained By AfterBirth I have eaten/Nor does it
Speak Evil of Me/
Or My Thoughts/ which Cannot Be Put to Words/
I am Mad/;
My Eyes are Darkened Probings
Roving and Raving These Eyes/
And Bloodied with Blazing HellFire/
My Genius is Seldom
and Next to Insanity/
and I am Never and Always at a Loss for Words
I am almost Never and Always
I am almost Never and Always
My Genius is Black like My Comedy/
And My Eyes
Those Evil Slits
of Darkest Fires/
Blaze Hotly
of Penetrating Observation/
And You’ll Find My Genius Solemn, there . Next to Insanity/
as I am, usually/
as I am frequenly Besides Myself with Fantasy/
He is about 22/ White
and Gay/He is About/I
ask Fantasy
His Favourite Colour/His Every Desire
and I ask Fantasy about his Unusallhy Modest Candor/Fantasy asks
I will not answer/Fantasy
and I are Advasaries as Old and as Ancient as Moments or Insants
of Shining Cells in Gravit/y/
and in bed
Automatic Lips of Intelligence
Leap like Fire from The Lips of Fantasy/
I am Ecstasy/ Ecstatic/
I am Pleased to Meet You/
I am pleased/ but The Pleasure is Mine

We sit over A Hot Cupper/

We of Such Elegance/
here in Bed
On Blue clean Sheets/
Fantasy Clones Himself
another Year of Existence/
remarking casually
that it is
here on the White Sheets of Heaven
That You can be
so Vivid and So Vague
at the Same Time/

9 October 1993
Chinatown, NYC
I’m Not Afraid of The Dark #35
F i n n e g a n

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