I'm Not Afraid of The Dark

The Insect God Unchained

*dedicated Respectfully to Wes Craven / F. Paul Wilson Paul Verhoeven/ Dario Argento John Carpenter \Stephen King and Vincent Downing ( who found” Queen Beast” soothing)

The Devil is an Insect/
One to the Second Power/
Here in the First Galactic Quadrant
This Has been Discovered/From the Unholy Watchtowers of
CyberXenoPhotophobes/ Menacing…A
Demonic Infestation of Deadly Savage Insects
Cruelly Starved in Hell
and made Ravenously Mad there
now in furious struggle to Escape into the Light
and Hide/and in perfect humanoid Guise
now Scattering
quietly into the Dark World of Form and Time/
and becoming Ripe and Fruitful and Multiplying…./
And The Devil is an Insect forever
in Hideous Transformation and
in Hiding
Deep in His Cocoon of Sickness and Pain
where this Prince of Darkness is most at Home/and where He Loves to Entertain
and Spread His Miserable Cloak of Darkness
and Accusation and
for All to Enjoy/In the First Power
of Being
which He has Stolen
and is seeking to Copy, Clone, Use and Destroy/And The Devil You Know is a Cruel Insectile Ego/Many Times Over
Now/coming in DeadlySilent to take Residence in Your Mind
with a stinging Afterglow and Buzzing in
The Fluorescent Black Rainbow Splatterings
made Cheap and
Easy from a Dark Hive
of Horrors…

The Devil You Fear is an Insect
in the Coming Swarm
of Slaves/

20-21, January 1999

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