To Those Who Believe Their Inheritance is Death

From The Tiny Point of View    of you Righteous 
Stanky Buttholes, 
You aint so special,   Mister and misses 
My Black ass is normal 
/From The Critical Point of 
view of your shakin   Stanky Ass,    Heaven Knows 
you’re nothing more than a waste-maker,/A means to 
dispose       of all that boneless greasy KFC/ Best you 
keep you a level head/And not think you got it goin on 
Down there in your Clever little world of lies, thefts 
and Deciets/I mean, Nigger, Please, 
What’s all this Black solidarity     bullshit?/Now 
You know   damn well   in real life   here in America, as 
well as back in Mother Africa, its always been about 
the Law of the Motherfucking Jungle!/ A.K.A. Every 
Nigger for themselves/Do for self/Now niggers don’t 
stick together like whiteys do./ no,/ unless you mean 
the senseless violent GANGBANGING bullshit they put 
each other through/acting like mindless wild animals, 
Supremely fucking each other over, and Royally 
ripping each other off /Oh yeah, I am keeping my eye on 
the Prize, you dumb fucking social climbing honkey, but I 
am also keeping my eye on that big shifty nigger 
over there, smiling at me too much/Trying to sneak up 
and cold clock me upside my head/No, I never said I liked 
no hard ass niggah trying to push up on me 
hawking for the pussy like a damn Randy dog/I aint no 
easy sleazy black bitch in heat/ repeatedly seeking 
dumb negros to fuck, Muthafucka,/These lame horny 
negros need to step the fuck off/oh no/They aint 
getting too close     to this pussy,/ Sweet Jesus/ 
not no ignorant, toothless niggers 
screaming with B.O.     from fresh off the streets/Trying 
to tell me his big stinky Black ass was once Mister 
Black America, with his brown stained white cotton underwears, 
flabby jelly stomach 
and stanky- stanky breath/Sweet Jesus, Miss Stella 
was not getting her groove back 
with that…. 
I fucked a hateful black cunt once, who pissed down my stiff pole/I fucked 
a hateful white cunt once, who shat down my hole/I fucked a hateful white 
prick once, who smashed up my goals/I fucked a hateful black Prick once, 
who fucked up my soul/ 
From The Critical perspective of 
your nasty stinking asses, 
Bitches, Bastards 
You are All nothing more than over-glorifed 
           manure factories,/ 
     that and only that     Is the purpose of your senseless     
Noisy     little lives/For Those bored 
royal Assholes    who    Believe their real Inheritance 
is Death,……………/Hurry up, Fuck off and Die already/I hate       
long goodbyes…../…….

17 September 2oo5 
Koln, Germany

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