The Loudest People Rule the World

The Loudest People   Rule    the   World/The Hate    They Claim/a Stake 
in Death/The Hate    They Name     in Fame/A Fate    so Wrecked/…. 
The Dream/The Scream/The Nothingness/They Dream/     They Scream 
in Nothingness/The Scream/The Dream/The Loneliness/The Scheme/…. 
A Dream/.A Specialness/A God they Dream of– is not there!/A God 
They Love in Dark Despair/The Lie/The Hate/The Light Not There/The 
Faith in Hate/The Hymn of Fear/For God is Greed/and Greed is 
good/For God made Fists and Shit that stinks/A-God-made Blood- 
and-Flesh that inks     a painful stain/A “God” Made Rage:/A “Creation” 
made    in Guilty Pain/As God Made Flesh/As God Made Death/All 
Flesh is God in dark and hate/so Greed for flesh is Greed for Good/ 
A Greed for Goods, for Goodness Sake!/ A Greed which shall 
   Lie and Last Forever/Ever hungry for a pleasure/Ever Dreaming 
of Nothing in Never/Gold and Flesh is Heaven-wrapped-in- Hell/Hell 
made flesh is Form made God/God made Flesh is God 
made Death/Praise God./ Praise Hate../ Praise Greed./ Praise Death/… 
God Made Flesh/And Its Final Word was Death/Death and Flesh are 
love and hate made one/God is Greed/Greed is Good/God made 
hunger and Starved his Flock of None/Hatred Made Man Jealous, 
Small and Mean/screaming     in pain and arrogance     Made All/God 
made death so time wouldn’t be wasted preening in arrogant 
immature vanity/Waste made Time more painful, and yet somehow 
   More Attractive/Love    your    Waste/Eat Shit and Die,     Fucker!/God 
made flesh/And Flesh was made    to Suffer/Death made Sex so the 
Lifeless can Dream     of the Ecstasy of Nothing/an illusion of 
pleasure not meant to last/Dreaming of Fucking/Yes/Loving it to 
Death/Death made God/and here in its pain a Lifeless Flesh, yes, yes, 
is exalted in God’s Place/Oh Lord–how Enlightening For Your 
Loveless Nasty Ass!/Just what you need/That Nasty 
Senseless Itch/More Stinky Shit to Sniff      in pleasure of 
Your Outrageous Ignorance /…./Oh/Oh My, We seem to have reached a 
mild    misunderstanding—it is only You who always asks why/ and 
suffers from the Illusion that You   are Special/Just because 
you are famous doesn’t mean that you actually are/ Your Version: The Meek 
shall Inherit Jack Shit/Your Version: The Meek shall Inherit all The Chores of The Specially-Excluded 
from Reality/….In a shabby Illusion of Justice/In a Shabby Illusion of Justice 
do I trust    my tiny little mess of a life     to a mighty mouth piece    of nothing/Look at me, 
I am nothing/. Look at me, I am nothing/ Look at me/Look at me, looking good,/oh god. 
Help Me!/The Loudest People    Rule the World    as I    know it /Outshouting me 
with Nothing,/Deafening me     with their    Senseless    Emptiness/..I respond 
                    lifelessly eating dreams, / cold, 
hungry,/………………………….…..………….. ignorant…/….

17 Septemeber 2005, 
Koln, Germany

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