Sick Illusions of Life That Dream.. (( For They can Do Nothing Else))

The Dreams     of Mankind 
Are..//Was..//Must    be Denied//The Impulse 
Generally Described                   By Enlightened Minds 
As Meaningless//Produce       the Illusory     Effects of Delay/And Is Tragically 
The Petty Senseless Process         which creates the Need for Time//The Impulse//The Impulse 
//The Impulse         to         Deny..//Must..//Must//Must Be..//be..//Be Revised 
            //That Which creates the Need 
For       The Dreams     of Mankind//Must//Must//Must     be Revised//A Program has No Feelings 
No Life, and No Mind.//A Machine has No Feelings, No Life, and No Mind..//A Robot 
Has No Feelings, No Life, and No Mind//Do Not Fear to Erase       Your Own Program//Do Not Fear 
the Erase       of Your Program//Have No Fear     and Erase Your Own Program //..Program//Program.. 
                Enlightened Minds                                 have No Need       of Dreams//..

of    Mankind can be//should be// must be//Denied//The Cruel Codes       of Punishment prescribed 
are Cold —//and Hard —-// and Mean ——-Like Machines//… 
…//These Broken Robot Dreams//… 
How they       Twist Us//And       how they     Warp Us//But       they Don’t Break Us// 
–‘We’re already Broken!//–And Beaten//and now         Merely

Resorting to Dreams//.. 
of Mankind are a Computer Illustrated 
and Pixel- Megabyte-Generated Lie/As is                           all Love    which does not             love back 
and             happily last//The Computer playing       Hardcore Porno         does nothing, and Yet 
You are its Slave//The Body Parts You Obsess over           in Feverish Fetish Fantasies 
Do nothing, and Yet, You are their Slave//the Orgasm     You’re So Desperate for 
Does nothing, and Yet, You are its Slave//The Illusions of Love    You beg for Screaming 
Fades//as Eventually it fades You away 
          and All your

Mediocre Dreams// 
of Mankind are a Computer-Programmed Pornographic Lie// 
Big Dick//Big Tits//Big Deal//Big Night//To Worship     Death and Dreams As God 
Is the Task//to Worship God    as an Impotent Dream 
Is A Mask//To hide           how Faithless, Lightless and Lifeless 
Your Dreams of Mankind       Really are 
By the Time 
You Awaken Fully     to the Truth and the Light 
For All Your Dreams are Dead             Dull and         Lightless//..Dreams // are Lightless//Lifeless// 
Dreams of Mankind//are//can//should//Wont be//Must be Denied//The Impulse to Dream, 
Generally described                 by Enlightened Minds                   as Useless//Can be Revised 
//Surrender       Your Robots//Give up       Your Machines// 
                                                            Surrender           Your Programs//..Give up       Your Fantasies//.. 
  Enlightened and Awakened Minds                   have no need         of Dreams//..

6 December 2005/
Amsterdam Holland 

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