Psychic Noise Pollution

Listen carefully, Take in the sights and sounds of Modern Civilisation. 
Is it not     a marvel? Is it not     a mess?     Is it not 
         a mess of a marvel? 
Egos Everywhere. A world steeped in boiling, hidden images of Sickness and Rot. 
Lies Everywhere. A world of Hatred, Darkness and Violence taught, respected and glorified. 
Death Everywhere. Hypnotic, Brainwashing Media Bullshit 
Beamed into brains 
Beamed into brains 
Pre-Programming for 
       the minds of savages…..

Looking Deeper. Listening More Carefully. 
Never Being 
Deceived by Lies.

Now Listen.   Vision is talking.   Communicating.   Vision is 
Communicating Everything to You, 
Egos Everywhere. are being Retranslated 
from a false world of dreams 
to The Real World of The Divine…

Images are Users and Liars 
Which waste You, deceive You with nothing and 
Never Last,

Lies Everywhere not translated is Energy Wasted 
And saved For Sleeping And Dreaming Deeply

When You Awaken from One Dream, 
It will only be to Enter 
Into Another,     Dreams within Dreams are your Prison and Nightmares,— Since 
     You insist so Stubbornly on Dreaming of Death. 
Since you insist so stubbornly 
   on Death Being present and constant in your miserable little prison of 
a powerless slave’s life…

As You Ravage Your Godless Dream World in your savage quest for Fame, 
for Sex, for Money, for Power, and your Dark Illusions of Love, 
You will realize all along 
You are alien to this planet, 
Spreading like Fleas on the Skin of the World, 
Seeking, blood, shit, hatred and death to keep 
Your Self-Centered 
nasty dream of conquest alive…

Looking Deeper. Listening More Carefully. 
Never being Deceived 
by Lies. 
Looking Deeper. Listening More Carefully. 
Never being Deceived 
by Lies.

7, March 2006 
Paris, France

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