Nasty Little Creatures…

No Face// She takes The Scissors and 
Cuts along the edges of her face in the Bathroom Mirror// 
She peels off her skin and drops her old unwanted face 
into the sink…// 
She draws Blood for Beauty 
    She thinks// 
And Correctly// this will draw the Ghouls who Call themselves Men 
To her Hideous Attractions// 
And Make her Come Faster 
between her legs…//

No Balls// He likes to Take It Up the Ass!// Yeah!// 
Man, Woman, Fist, Gerbil, Dildo—, no one is safe 
His hole is insatiable!// 
Yeah!// Spread That Nasty Ass of His 
From Which an Unbelievable Stench is Released 
As he Slams down hard against that 
Spiked Black Dildo from Hell 
that His New Demon Lover 
Is making Him Fuck like a Dog!// Yeah,// He impales himself 
Gushing Blood 
Out his ass.// Yeah,// And Just Before His Demon Lover 
Is about to blow his load, 
He takes the Scissors from Her in the Previous Stanza, 
And Cuts off his Demon Lovers Balls!// In a moment of 
Feverish Triumph,// He eats them up, raw and wriggling. 
(No Sex) 
(Abstinence prevents unwanted teen pregnancies, 
as does homosexuality..)

Hello. My name is Selena.// I’m a young, blonde, German Country Bumpkin,// 
It’s hot, and hazy, and I am bored 
but I must do the Farmer’s chores/I must do the Farmer’s chores/… 
(no sex) 
Hello.// My name is Selena, and I am here milking 
The Farmer’s Cow.// But oh!// What’s that?// That’s not a Cow!// It’s the Farmer’s Son’s dick!// But I shall Milk It anyway!// I’ll milk You, too, 
While you Wait… 
Call Me, 
At 1800 n-a-s-t-y-h-o-s 
That’s 1800 n-a-s-t-y-h-o-s- 
                        Most major credit cards accepted..

Hi there.// I’m Natasha.// I’m a sexy Dutch Nurse from Rotterdam.// 
We’re alone here in the Hospital Room 
Unless you count the comatose patient in the corner,// 
and He wont watch..//… 
I’m not wearing any undies..// 
Now I have to bend over the Patients bed next to you…—- Want to hear more?// 
Call Me 
That’s 1800 DIZZYBIMBOS 
To find the Dizzy Bimbo of Your Dreams 
Call Now,//          Nasty, Slutty, 
               Dizzy Bimbos      fingering their cunts, 
are waiting!//… 
                        Most Major Credit Cards accepted. 

7, March 2006 
Paris, France

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